There’s only a handful of weeks left to go in our giant NFL Big Gulp! We’re starting to get around that time where there’s still some liquid left but you gotta move the straw around the ice to find it… before Lord Vader and Darth Cam destroy us all let’s squeeze in some Week 13 highlights!

The Vines are strong with this one…

Carson Palmer showed how the Cardinals have about infinity weapons on offense

Odell showed how he has about infinity different ways to catch a football

Watch Jameis Run

Watch Jameis Pass

Watch Jameis Win

How about the 49ers being like an actual football team huh?

The Giants lost but at least Dwayne Harris did his special duty

Tyrod aka T-Mobile vulturing Shady McCoy LIKE A BOSS

Russell Wilson was throwing, running, and breaking ankles all over the tundra

Jameis was great but don’t sleep on the DOUGGERNAUT either

DGB finally getting that beast monster TD

Wow Cordarrelle Patterson is still alive? Alrighty then

No idea if Matt Schaub is actually alive

Allen Robinson got unlimited Bortles service yesterday… THREE TD’s!

Here is your weekly Nuk Hopkins one-handed catch..

Marcus went into Super Mariota STAR Mode with this 87 yard TD run

Brandon Marshall has become Gotham’s favorite new hero

Is Blaine Gabbert elite?

Super Cam threw a billion TD’s, defeated ballboys, and got the owner to DAB ON EM!

Rough day for the Patriots. At least TB12 added some HOF receiving yards

Alex Smith and Tyvon Branch led the Chiefs to their 6th straight Win

Martavis and Antonio are pretty good at football huh? RIP Colts

Finally the injury bug took a week off and the parity bug checked in for a full days work. Top seeds in the AFC up for grabs, possible undefeated season for the Panthers, Blaine Gabbert is playing himself into a $100 million contract…. could the NFL be any better this season? Aside from playing every week of the year, no. No it couldn’t. See you next week for the stretch run folks!