Yea Kobe I don’t know what was going on in that Patriots-Broncos game either. It was a super crazy Week 12 in the NFL and it’s only getting crazier from here too… Pretty much the entire NFC is alive for a playoff spot and now the AFC has some drama up top as well. Let the icy tundra battles begin!

AJ Green Uncovered. WHY?

Eli Had A Wacky Day Of INT’s And OBJ’s

Super Mariota Knows A Thing Or Two About Crazy Catches Too

Shouldn’t You Just Be Managing The Game There Teddy?

Standard 160 Yard Defender Crunching Day For AP

Who Runs In A Straight Line Better Than DeSean Jackson? NOBODY!

Tavon Austin Prefers Non Straight Lines For His TD’s

If Only Douggernaut Had A Little More Hamster In Him

Famous Jameis Is Playing Well Beyond His Years

Covered Or Uncovered…AJ Green Is Always Sick Nasty

Derek Carr Is An Actual Ballplayer!

Nick Foles Is Not

Travis Kelce Back To Doing Zeus Things

How Is Harry Douglas Being Productive? WHO KNOWS

Turf Monsters Were Everywhere In Arrowhead

Allen Robinson Buying Bortles Service For Da Whole Club

Jimmy Graham Out For The Year But At Least This Was Cool?

Who Is JJ Nelson And Why Will No One Cover Him?

Doug Baldwin’s 3 TD’s Helped Vanquish The Steelers

Gronk Made NFL History With A 1st Quarter TD

Big Giant Tall Brock Put The Broncos Ahead In Regulation

And CJ Anderson Ended The Perfect Season For the Pats

Really excited for the home stretch of the NFL season but seriously guys can everyone stop getting injured so much? Like what is this? A CENTER FOR INJURED PLAYERS?!? I'm a terrible eugoogalizer so I really need the league staying healthy for the playoff run. At the very least for next week's recap...