Happy Turkey Week to all! Before we chow down on stuffing and family arguments on Thursday let’s recap the craziness that was NFL Week 11. Quarterbacks just can’t stop getting hurt and backup running backs just won’t stop scoring the darn football! Filling up on all these highlights starting NOW

Throwing to #88 is a good idea huh?

Redskins lose but at least DeSean sort’ve showed up?

Doug Martin made the Eagles cry with 235 rushing yards

Mike Evans gave out some tears too

Cowboys win in Miami thanks to Romo and Rolando

DeAndre Hopkins really enjoyed Revis Island

Brandon Marshall trying to be the savior of NYC

But it was actually Cecil Shorts

The Dabs are running wild in Carolina

No Beast Mode no problem. Marshawn approves of Thomas Rawls!

Randall Cobb is good at scoring but better at bombing

Here's your weekly "346 lb man scoring touchdowns" play. Thanks Mr. Poe!

Cardinals won on a FG and their kicker destroyed a dance movement. RIP Dabbing

Here's to hoping no one else gets injured in the NFL this season... it won't happen but at least the touchdowns will stick around. Keep em coming boys!