FIX THAT FOOT! FIX THAT FOOT! It’s that magical time of the year where the Sheriff’s body completely and unfortunately breaks down on him folks! Peyton is a legend and all that but I am really rooting for Brock here. It’s been way too long since we’ve had a starting NFL QB that can be made into a Pokemon reference at any time. Literal goldmine… these highlights will have to do until then though!

Todd Gurley has all the Gameshark codes

Et Tu Zach Miller?

Matt Jones you are now the President congratulations sir

Washington beats up on the Saints and hey Drew… YOU LIKE THAT?

Steelers crush Mr. Football and OMG ANTONIO BROWN

Jeremy Langford followed up his Gruden Grinder night with a beauty

Jarvis Landry WHOA! Dem LSU boys is up to something!

Are people believing in the Carolina Panthers yet?

Say hello to the messiah of the Bay, FAMOUS JAMEIS!!! (the next play worked better)

Jaguars AND Lions win in the same day in dramatic fashion. Lol

Peyton Manning breaks Passing Yards record, is promptly benched after. Welp!

Odell did Odell things for a brief quarter…

But Gronk did Undefeated things in the 4th

Vikings now lead the NFC North and AP is still AD

Seahawks made it close but Carson is just too good for the Cardinals

It’s 3 Unbeaten teams and the rest of the field for 7 more weeks… outside of those 3 the entire league looks like a bunch of pretenders. Packers can’t beat the Lions, Cowboys can’t win without Romo, Broncos have their pets head’s/QB’s feet falling off. Should be an interesting final stretch. And I mean that both for the NFL season and the Sheriff’s last dance. Goodnight sweet prince…