Finally we have a reason to get up in the morning and enjoy the weekly grind. FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!

Watching what seemed like endless hours of NFL awesomeness yesterday honestly couldn’t have been any better… and there are PLENTY of plays to prove it. No better place to start than with the (former) World Champion Seattle Seahawks.

Why are they so damn good at picking players in the 3rd round?

Tyler Lockett batters the Rams with a juke stick punt return

Let’s move on over to the Cleveland-NY game where Josh McCown tried to be the hero that Cleveland needs but definitely doesn’t deserve..

Which led to…JOHNNY FOOTBALL BABY! He must be SO ready to play and SO prepared for this moment…

Ahhh the ole lefty fadeaway pass, a staple in any Franchise QB’s repertoire. Just like Cleveland’s hopes, everything from there was downhill.

Mr. Football shouldn’t feel too bad though, there was plenty of mediocre quarterback play yesterday. Especially from Mr. Mediocre himself, Brian Hoyer!

And don’t look now but the Buffalo Bills might ACTUALLY have a non-piece-of-trash QB this year. Are the Colts done in the AFC South?

Although whether it was Hoyer or Mallet under center, the Texans never had any chance against Travis Kelce, his 2 TD’s, and his FALLLLLCON PUNCH!

Things got crazy at the end of the game in St. Louis. Defensive touchdowns, near Hail Mary’s, a bizarre onside kick in overtime. Props to the Rams for winning a wild one in Week 1.

Another interesting Week 1 winner was the Miami Dolphins. They escaped with the victory but super sloppy game on all ends.

Without Jarvis Landry’s punt return and one of the craziest interceptions possible, that 50 yard fumble would’ve really hurt them..

Oh speaking of ridiculous interceptions.. What up Jimmy Smith! (Is Peyton toast?)

The Packers-Bears was close and with A-Aron held to under 200 yard passing, Chicago looked primed to strike. Of course, then Smokin’ Jay happened…

If you picked up Danny Woodhead, Brandon Coleman, or Tyler Eifert for Fantasy this week, CONGRATULATIONS…YOU ARE A GURU!

The much anticipated showdown between the #1 and #2 picks was as advertised…just not in the way anyone expected. FOUR touchdowns for Mariota and he didn’t even play past the 3rd quarter.

Hey Tampa at least getting the #1 pick two years in a row will be sorta neat?

The night closed out with another classic Cowboys-Giants all out battle. To say things were chippy early would be a MASSIVE understatement.. Just ask Odell Beckham Jr.

For some inexplicable reason, the Giants (leading by 3) ran a pass play on 3rd down at the Cowboys goal line. Essentially instead of :58 seconds left up by 6, it gave Tony Romo 1:28 to drive them ‘Boys down the field.

And oh did he ever…WITTEN FOR PRESIDENT!

It took FOREVER to get here… but now we have 16 more weeks of absolute total bliss. I’ll be recapping the games and craziness every Monday so come on back if you got that pigskin affliction. No one will judge you here.