A weekly look at the forecasts and weather across the NFL including wind, rain and general conditions that may affect your daily fantasy players on DraftKings.

Giants vs. Bills

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: Ralph Wilson Stadium – Orchard Park, New York
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 61 Degrees
Wind: 7 MPH across the field

Much of the rain prior to this game should not total to any extreme amounts that would affect the turf on the field. Winds throughout the game will remain steady from the east at 7 MPH.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Rain is now looking less likely so chance of rain was lowered to 10 percent. Without rain, there are no other rain impacts for this game.

Panthers vs. Buccaneers

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: Raymond James Stadium – Tampa, Florida
Chance of Rain: 50%
Kickoff Temperature: 80 Degrees
Wind: 14 MPH across the field

Wind, rain, and lightning are a threat for this game. Chances of locally heavy thunderstorms through the game could bring winds gusting up to 20 MPH.

Raiders vs. Bears

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: Soldier Field – Chicago, Illinois
Chance of Rain: 20%
Kickoff Temperature: 56 Degrees
Wind: 15 MPH across the field

Northeast winds during this game should be kept in mind as gusts could reach 20 MPH. Rainfall totals will not affect the field.

Chiefs vs Bengals

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: Paul Brown Stadium – Cincinnati, Ohio
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 66 Degrees
Wind: 10 MPH across the field

Looks like the field will be slightly saturated going into the game but nothing to affect the conditions.

Jaguars vs. Colts

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis, Indiana
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 62 Degrees
Wind: 10 MPH across the field

No major weather impacts during this game. Northeast winds at 10 MPH and partly cloudy skies will prevail.

Eagles vs. Redskins

Start Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM ET
Location: FedEx Field – Landover, Maryland
Chance of Rain: 30%
Kickoff Temperature: 63 Degrees
Wind: 18 MPH across the field

This is the big game in question going into this weekend. It looks like 2-3 inches of rain are expected between Thursday and Sunday which could seriously impact the grass conditions on the field. The key player here will be if there will be any break in rain going into Saturday which could allow for some drying of the field. Further updates Friday and Saturday will provide some clarity for Sunday’s game as the track of Hurricane Joaquin is a toss up, though recent updates tend towards it not making a US landfall. In addition to the forecast, we’ll see how the NFL handles the game as far as scheduling or venue choice.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Looks like for this game, the main impacts will include rainfall prior to the game and northeasterly gusts up to about 30 MPH. Joaquin will not pose a threat. Rain totals are not expected to reach the 3 inch mark but even 2 inches of rain could seriously impact a grass field. NFL has announced that the game will still be played as scheduled so these conditions should be taken into consideration.

SATURDAY UPDATE: No new changes to report for tomorrow’s game. So far, just over an inch and a half has fallen in Landover with about a quarter of an inch still expected.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Looks like a majority of the rain has moved out of this region for today. Still expecting strong winds to impact today’s game with gusts up to about 30 MPH.

Browns vs. Chargers

Start Time: Sunday, 4:05 PM ET
Location: Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego, California
Chance of Rain: 40%
Kickoff Temperature: 75 Degrees
Wind: 10 MPH across the field

Small rain totals won’t affect field conditions. Gusty winds up to 16 MPH from the southwest could be a concern during the first half but are expected to taper off by the second half.

Vikings vs. Broncos

Start Time: Sunday, 4:25 PM ET
Location: Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 65 Degrees
Wind: 6 MPH across the field

No weather to report for this Sunday’s game.

Packers vs. 49ers

Start Time: Sunday, 4:25 PM ET
Location: Levi’s Stadium – Santa Clara, California
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 72 Degrees
Wind: 9 MPH downthe field

Rain and lightning chances in the first half but clearing up by the second. Totals should be small and not affect field conditions.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Rain chances are lower for this game and lightning should not be a threat.

Rams vs. Cardinals

Start Time: Sunday, 4:25 PM ET
Location: University of Phoenix Stadium – Glendale, Arizona
Chance of Rain: 10%
Kickoff Temperature: 90 Degrees
Wind: 15 MPH across the field

Chance for a scattered thunderstorm is possible through the game. With possible rain and lightning threats, expect a closed roof game.

Lions vs. Seahawks

Start Time: Monday, 8:30 PM ET
Location: CenturyLink Field – Seattle, Washington
Chance of Rain: 0%
Kickoff Temperature: 70 Degrees
Wind: 6 MPH down the field

No weather impacts to report for this game.