This is a list of the top Tight End targets for NFL games based on potential production and price. The players are split into three tiers based on likelihood of success. Remember that these rankings take potential production and price into account, so some guys may be higher up on the list despite having a lower projected score for the week if the price point is favorable. Here are some TE options to consider.

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Cream of the Crop


Jordan Reed ($6300) – Reed is by far the most expensive TE option this week by $1300 over his nearest competitor, but that does not mean to avoid him. The guys has been money in the bank for most of the season. The knock on Reed has always been his inability to stay healthy, but no one questions his production or usage when he is. He saw light action last week, but from weeks 14-16 he had 25 catches for 333 yards and 5 touchdowns. That’s an average of 8 catches for 11 yards and 1.6 TDs per game for a whopping 31.5 fantasy points per game. You will be hard pressed to find many tight ends capable of doing that for one week, let alone three in a row. Green Bay allowed the 11th most fantasy points to the TE position this year, so the matchup is not particularly tough. Reed is not only a big part of the offense, but they even line him up as a WR and go to him in single coverage down near the goal line, so his TD upside is the highest at the position this week. Yes he is pricey, but you can not really fade him with how well he has played.

Tyler Eifert ($5000) – Eifert is probably the second best option this week at TE and his price goes to prove it. The problem I have with Eifert is that the floor is not safe and the ceiling is not as high as that of Reed’s. Eifert plays in an offense with a lot of weapons and the ball is spread around to all of them. Eifert has only two games all year where he finished with over 5 catches. In comparison, Reed did that in 8 of his 14 starts. That is why I say the floor is no where near as safe with Eifert. Eifert is a big red zone threat though, which is where he does derive his value. He had an insane 13 touchdowns on only 52 catches this year which gives him an average of 1 TD per game and a TD-to-catch rate at a godlike 25%. Cincy makes it a point to go to him down near the red zone and scoring a TD is what may or may not help him reach value. Eifert has a lot of games in the mid-teens at like 13-18 fantasy points this year. When he scores a TD, he will return you 3-4 times his cost. He does have the occasional game where he fails to reach the end zone and that is usually when we see him fall short of even reaching cash game value. It’s tough to bank on the TDs coming in order for him to pay off his salary. He has the second best upside at the position for tournaments, but the cash game safety of Reed makes a lot more sense this weekend.

Middle of the Pack


Richard Rodgers ($4000) – After the top 2 guys, their is a big step down at the position this week. Rodgers makes for an intriguing tournament play as he has the best QB of those guys left throwing him the ball. He also is playing a huge percentage of his team’s snaps, so that makes him a viable option as well if you choose to go lower in the pricing tier. Rodgers has had some games where he only saw two or three targets and finished up with a singular catch. That is why he would not be a guy I would look at for cash game play. He has also mixed in some 5, 6, and 7 catch games as well, which is why I say he has some tournament appeal. GB is on the road and a slight underdog here. There is a chance they will need to throw late and that would make Rodgers a decent option for some garbage time. Whether or not he makes value probably depends on him finding the end zone. The fact he has done so 8 times this year is what makes him worth considering, but there is no way I would load up on him this week in any game format.

Travis Kelce ($4500) – Kelce is probably the guy who has the safest floor below the top two options. He had over 70 catches this year, so he does see a few looks per game and make a few plays. He has boat loads of talent, but does not see a ton of opportunity in a run heavy offense. He is very efficient with the work he does get. He averaged 4.5 catches on about 6.5 targets so far this year with an average of just over 50 yards per game. That puts him right around 10 fantasy points which is really not enough. He was able to reach value when he found the end zone, but that only happened 5 times in 16 games this year. He is a safe 10 points, which makes him a below average cash game play, but safer than most of his peers. If he catches a TD, he could get into the high teens, but we have not seen him targeted enough to think that is a lock here. He has name recognition which will likely lead to higher ownership, but he is a guy I will have very little exposure to and mostly in tournament play only.

Heath Miller ($3300) – The Steelers have a ton of weapons on offense, but with DeAngelo Williams questionable, they may need to go to the air a little more often. After a slow start, Miller wound up with 43 catches over the last 8 games. He flashed his upside with 2 games where he caught 10 balls. He saw at east 3 catches per game in the back part of the season, so while that is not huge upside, it’s pretty safe at his dirt cheap price. Miller is more of a tournament play for me this week. If you need to save some salary, he is one of the few cheap options who has flashed upside independent of his touchdown scoring ability. Most TEs are very touchdown dependent for their upside, but we have seen Miller make it there on yards and catches alone. That makes him an interesting option this week as his potential for upside has more than one way to pay itself off. We expect to see a good amount of points in this game compared to some of the others. While Pittsburgh’s passing attack has a lot of weapons, Miller is a guy who could be left alone in one on one coverage as teams gameplan to stop Brown and Bryant. I’m not loving his chances, but he is definitely worth a look at this very thin position.

Kyle Rudolph ($3500) – This is strictly a GPP play and not really one that I love. Rudolph does have a solid matchup here against a Seattle team that can be attacked through the middle of the field with the pass. They are top 3 in least fantasy points allowed to RBs and WRs, so you probably see at least a little bit of extra work for Rudolph. Rudolph has no safety as the Vikings do not throw enough for him to really see big volume. They may be trailing and need to throw here, which is the only reason he is not on the bottom rung. He has some TD potential and that is a must in order for him to return any kind of decent value here. He did have three games with more than 5 catches, but he had more than twice as many with 2 catches or less. There is no safety in using him for cash. He may need to do more if the Vikings are trailing and he is cheap, so I guess he makes for a viable swerve at the TE position if you are looking for someone to go to other than the chalk options.

Rest of the Field


Chase Coffman ($2800) – With Jimmy Graham on the shelf and Luke Willson in concussion protocol, Coffman and Cooper Helfet ($2500) will be serving the TE role in Seattle. Coffman is probably the better pass catcher of the two and has hauled in 4 passes each of the two weeks he has been in there. He also added a TD last game, but that is probably the ceiling he offers. I would not expect more than 7-12 points out of him here, so roll with it if you think that is enough from a $2800 punt. As for me, I would go no lower than Heath Miller if I was trying to save money at the position.

Ryan Griffin ($2,600), Garrett Graham ($2,500), and C.J. Fiedorowicz ($2,500) – None of the Houston Texan tight end trio excites me at all this week. All three of these guys see some field time and none ever really winds up with more than 2-3 catches as a ceiling. All of them are priced below $3K, but none make sense to me in either cash or GPP tournaments.