To be honest I expected a little more out of these guys. Although per usual Jameis Winston aka Jaboo was the most charismatic guy out there. I also love how he refuses to change his posture whenever he’s in public.

Dude just loves leaning back and letting his tummy rock out. He’s not even that fat anymore but gotta admire a guy that KNOWS the cameras are always on him and he still doesn’t give a heck.






Also LOL at calling Melvin Gordon the Hulk when he can’t even deliver a Rock catchphrase with gusto, let alone beat out Danny Woodhead for redzone snaps. It’s to be expected with rookies I guess? They can barely handle the week to week NFL grind so killing it at WWE promo’s is a pretty tall task. Unless you’re Rob Gronkowski however.

In that case it’s like second (or sixth or ninth) nature…




Yo NFL Rookies, got a message from the big man upstairs!