Which teams are up, and which teams are down after 16 weeks of NFL action? The DraftKings Social Team compiled their own power rankings below. Hit us up on Twitter @DraftKings with your thoughts!



Josh on the New England Patriots (#2):

“Congratulations to the 2016 AFC Champion New England Patriots! Too soon? Maybe not. Check out the postseason wins by quarterbacks in the AFC playoff picture: Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger (11), Kansas City’s Alex Smith (2), Oakland’s Matt McGloin (0), Houston’s Tom Savage (0), Miami’s Matt Moore (0) have a combined 13 wins… Tom Brady? 22.”

Graham on the Dallas Cowboys (#2) & New York Giants (#8):

“The Giants and the Cowboys seem be heading towards a third matchup this year. HOT TAKE ALERT: I think the winner of that playoff matchup will play the Patriots in the Super Bowl.”

Rob on the Pittsburgh Steelers (#5):

“The Steelers are riding a six-game winning streak at the right time – talk about clutch. With Le’Veon Bell playing some of his best football – especially after missing 4 games – and Antonio Brown hauling in catches, Pittsburgh is going to be a scary matchup in the first round of the playoffs.”