Which teams are up, and which teams are down after ten weeks of NFL action? The DraftKings social team compiled their own power rankings below. Hit us up on Twitter @DraftKings with your thoughts!

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings



Josh on the Kansas City Chiefs (#4):

“How do they keep doing this? At 1-5 last season, Kansas City finished 11-5 and made the postseason. In 2016, the Chiefs, who were 2-2, have won five in a row with a lackluster Alex Smith at QB and the best turnover differential dating back to last season. At 7-2, they are poised to continue their recent dominance.”

Graham on the Seattle Seahawks (#2):

“The Super Bowl rematch lived up to the hype, and Pete Carroll was able to scare off some old ghosts when he left Gillette Stadium early Monday morning. Seattle looks poised for a deep playoff run, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw another rematch against the Patriots in February.”

Rob on the Tennessee Titans (#15):

“Remember the Titans? They are back to .500 and made a big jump this week. The offense is starting to flow and become a real powerhouse, and there are certainly no signs of a sophomore slump for Mariota.”