That’s a wrap for the NFL regular season! Which teams rose and fell in the power rankings after the season’s final week? The DraftKings Social Team compiled their own power rankings below. Hit us up on Twitter @DraftKings with your thoughts!



Josh on the Dallas Cowboys (#2):

“The NFC runs through Dallas, and for the Cowboys – if they make the Super Bowl in Houston – they won’t even have to leave the state of Texas. It’s the sixth time the Cowboys have gained home field advantage in the playoffs, but how have they fared? Three of the previous five ended in Super Bowl victories (’77, ’93, ’95), but those other two? Divisional round losses (’79, ’07).”

Graham on the Green Bay Packers (#3):

“GO PACK GO! Aaron Freakin’ Rodgers! Yeah, he’s good. They are the hottest team in football, and they have a home game to start off their playoff push in the frozen tundra of Green Bay. It’ll be tough for New York to say the least.”

Rob on the Green Bay Packers (#4):

“Aaron Rodgers isn’t human, and the Packers are looking VERY strong heading into the post season. Although the Giants might be their playoff kryptonite (see 2007 & 2011), if Rodgers keeps playing out of his mind, they should get the W.”