The NFL Playoffs will be, as always, extremely exciting. We’re looking WAY ahead here at the DraftKings Playbook to each matchup in each of the games in the 2015-2016 NFL playoffs. Wondering how we got to these playoff teams? Well, take a look at each division prediction here:

AFC East
AFC North
AFC South
AFC West
NFC East
NFC North
NFC South
NFC West

Now that we’ve gathered the playoff teams contending for the Lombardi Trophy, let’s break down and predict each game, all the way to the Super Bowl.


1. Indianapolis Colts*
2. Pittsburgh Steelers*
3. New England Patriots
4. Denver Broncos
5. Baltimore Ravens
6. New York Jets

Wild Card Round

New England Patriots 23 New York Jets 13

The Jets defense is going to carry them into the playoffs, where they will immediately run into their arch-rivals, who will be entering the playoffs with a full head of steam.

Baltimore Ravens 31 Denver Broncos 23

The Broncos are trying to change up their philosophy on the fly, and it will work during the regular season, but in the Ravens, they will find an opponent who does the things they do well, better.

Divisional Round

New England Patriots 38 Pittsburgh Steelers 34

This might be the best game of the entire season. Two perennial heavy-weights, two overbearing fan bases, and two of the best QBs of the past decade. Both teams will be playing for legacy, and personally, I just can’t wait to watch.

Indianapolis Colts 34 Baltimore Ravens 28

This is the kind of game Colts need to win to take the next step towards Andrew Luck’s decade of dominance. They need to be able to prove their style of play can succeed against a physical, disciplined opponent. And this is the week they do it.

Conference Championship

New England Patriots 34 Indianapolis Colts 27

Unfortunately for Colts fans, there is beating a physical opponent and then there is dethroning the king. The Pats beat Indy in two games last year by more than a combined nine touchdowns. It’s going to take more than a strong will to take out the Pats – it’s going to take perfection.


1. Green Bay Packers*
2. Seattle Seahawks*
3. Atlanta Falcons
4. Dallas Cowboys
5. Minnesota Vikings
6. New York Giants

Wild Card Round

Atlanta Falcons 24 New York Giants 23

The Giants sneak in as the second team out of the East, again, but can’t ride the momentum any further than the first round this time around. Secondary prediction: Odell Beckham and Julio Jones make you wonder which one of them is the best WR in the NFL before this game is over.

Minnesota Vikings 27 Dallas Cowboys 21

This is the game where everyone in America finally gets to know Teddy Bridgewater.

Divisional Round

Seattle Seahawks 27 Atlanta Falcons 16

I am high on the Falcons, but even I don’t think they’re going into Seattle and winning a game in December.

Green Bay Packers 38 Minnesota Vikings 24

I am high on the Vikings, but even I don’t think they’re going into Seattle and winning a game in December. (I thought about reworking my matchups so we could get SEA vs. GB here and MIN vs. ATL, but I do want to be realistic.

Conference Championship

Green Bay Packers 23 Seattle Seahawks 21

And realistically, this is the matchup that makes the most sense in the NFC (sorry, Cowboys fans). Aaron Rodgers is able to overcome the Seattle D when it counts most, so even though the Seahawks offense comes to play, in the end it isn’t enough for a third straight trip to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers 34 New England Patriots 31

Aaron Rodgers gets that second ring. Brady makes it to his seventh Super Bowl in 15 years, a remarkable run in any era. Everyone gets to watch a good game, and almost everyone (sorry NE fans) gets the winner they want. Win-Win-Win-Win, I like to call it.