Welp, the title speaks for itself. The NFL voted today by a count of 30 (YES) 2 (NO) to move the extra point attempt, following a touchdown, to the 15-yard line. As for the two-point conversion: it remains right where it is on the two.

(Side note: Washington and Oakland are the two teams that voted no — i don’t know why that’s funny, but, any time the Redskins and Raiders unite and do something together it’s 100% going to make me laugh. It could be folding laundry for all I care, the two franchises are simply hilarious at everything they do.)

Anyways, as for the impact of moving the kick attempt back — will it have any effect on the conversion rate?

I guess the answer is ‘yes’, but, nothing dramatic it appears…

My opinion: Why’d they have to go fixing a rule that wasn’t broken? Weren’t extra points difficult enough to begin with anyway?