Congratulations to Uberdetroit007 who finished first in DraftKings NFL Wild Card Millionaire Maker. Uberdetroit007 took home $1 million with this winning lineup:

Million 11

Uberdetroit007 needed a late surge Sunday night to take first place in the Wild Card Millionaire Maker. Uberdetroit007 took the lead with 4:36 to go in the Redskins/Packers game thanks to Chris Thompson. Uberdetroit007 was the only contender who started Thompson and that ended up being the deciding factor. Thompson caught four of his eight passes on Washington’s final two possessions. He finished with 19.4 fantasy points.

Uberdetroit007 also went with the Washington duo of Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed. Reed was one of the most popular plays of the week with a 54 percent ownership. He delivered with 30 points. Cousins scored 25.36 points and Uberdetroit007 liked that. Thankfully it’s the last time we’ll have to use that line this year. Overall, Uberdetroit007 got 74.7 from the Redskins trio of Thompson, Reed and Cousins.

Uberdetroit007 went with the Steelers receiving tandem of Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant. While it wasn’t a high-scoring game, Uberdetroit007 managed to get 40.2 points out of Ben Roethlisberger’s 1-2 punch.

One of Uberdetroit007’s best starts was the Chiefs’ defense. An opening kickoff for a touchdown and shutout led to 29 big points.

Overall, Uberdetroit007 scored 200.36 points to take first place and win the $1 million.