Congratulations to ‘Hoothead’ who finished first in DraftKings Week 2 NFL Millionaire Maker Contest. ‘Hoothead’ took home $1.2 million with this winning lineup.

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‘Hoothead’s’ lineup had no holes, as it scored over 300 points. ‘Hoothead’s’ lowest scorer was the Seahawks’ defense at 18 points.

‘Hoothead’ hit big in the Falcons/Cowboys game. Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones and Joseph Randle scored a combined 119.2 points. Freeman was only owned by 7.9 percent of owners but his 45.3 points ended up being ‘Hoothead’s’ highest scorer.

Not many people were high on LeGarrette Blount this week. He was only owned by 2.2 percent of owners but ‘Hoothead’ got 28.2 big points from him. That hunch really paid off because ‘Hoothead’ took the top spot by less than 6 points this week.

Greg Olsen got off to a slow start this season. Perhaps that’s why he was only owned by 8.3 percent of participants. ‘Hoothead’ called Olsen’s career game correctly and was rewarded with 36.4 fantasy points.

‘Hoothead’s’ lineup was a scoring machine this week. It was the only one to top the 300-point mark and that’s why ‘Hoothead’ is DraftKings newest millionaire.