Congratulations to TheDuganBrothers who finished first in DraftKings Week 2 NFL Millionaire Maker Contest. TheDuganBrothers took home $2 million with this winning lineup.


Marcus Mariota had a bad week in real football but he did just fine in fantasy. He scored 18.18 points for TheDuganBrothers thanks to two late touchdown throws. Surprisingly, Mariota was owned by fewer than 5 percent of participants after his huge Week 1 performance.

TheDuganBrothers cleaned up at wide receiver. Antonio Brown (39.5), Julian Edelman (33.9), Larry Fitzgerald (40.2) and Travis Benjamin (35.5) combined to score 149.1 of TheDuganBrothers’ 246.18 points. Benjamin was an especially smart start. He was owned by less than 1 percent of players in Week 2. Overall it was TheDuganBrothers choice of receivers that was a big factor in this lineup winning the $2 million.

TheDuganBrothers paid the big money for Rob Gronkowski and as usual, Gronk delivered. He scored 27.3 points against a tough Bills defense.

TheDuganBrothers took advantage of DeAngelo Williams’ last start before Le’Veon Bell returns from his suspension. Williams scored three touchdowns and put up 31.2 fantasy points.

Other than the Rams’ defense, all of TheDuganBrothers’ lineup choices hit big. The lineup was a mix of studs and smart lower salary options. That’s why TheDuganBrothers is taking home the $2 million prize in Week 2.