Congratulations to JDUB1010 who finished first in DraftKings Divisional Round NFL Millionaire Maker Contest. JDUB1010 took home $1 million with this winning lineup:

Million 12

JDUB1010 had a strong lineup all the way around but it was Martavis Bryant who ended up bringing home the $1 million. JDUB1010 didn’t take over first place until under a minute to play in the Broncos/Steelers game Sunday. With Denver protecting a 10-point lead, Bryant caught two passes for 29 yards on the Steelers’ final drive to give JDUB1010 the win. Bryant ended up finishing with 31.4 fantasy points.

JDUB1010 also rode the Patriots’ Big Three of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Despite a tough matchup against the Chiefs’ defense, the New England stack combined to score 81.1 big points for JDUB1010.

JDUB1010′s decision to use Seattle’s Jermaine Kearse against the Panthers paid off big. Kearse was only owned by 4.8 percent of players in the divisional round but ended up being JDUB1010′s top scorer with 37 points.

Overall JDUB1010 scored 212.58 points to take first place and win the final Millionaire Maker contest of the NFL season.