It is an interesting player pool for the late contests this week. The positions all provide solid selections for both expensive and economy priced players. The options on defense are less appealing. I had a tough time coming up with even one defense I liked in the late games. Not to say that there are no good defenses Regardless, here are the players I like this week:

Stud Quarterback

Phillip Rivers, San Diego, $8,600 – There are not many elite quarterbacks to choose from in the late games this week. The two options are Rivers and Peyton Manning. I like Rivers over Manning because he has a more favorable matchup. He is also at home where he is averaging 26 fantasy points per game this season. Rivers has also been playing well the last three weeks with his worst game in that span being 22.82 points against the Jets.

Economy Quarterback

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco, $6,500 – While the Denver defense is better this season, they only rank 22nd against opposing quarterbacks so far. Denver has also had issue against mobile quarterbacks. Perhaps Kaepernick has been a disappointment so far this season, yet he is averaging 17.6 fantasy points per game. Given that he costs only $6,500, Kaepernick is a nice investment in week seven.

Stud Running Backs

DeMarco Murray, Dallas, $9,600 – Eventually Murray will not have a 100+ yard game, though I doubt that eventuality is this week. The Giants just allowed the Eagles to rush for over 200 yards, and Murray topped 100 against Seattle. For the season, the Giants rank 27th against running backs; Murray has been the number one RB this season. In other words, despite a very hefty price-tag, Murray is a very nice play.

Jamaal Charles, Kansas City, $6,700 – San Diego’s defense has been good this season, but only average against opposing running backs. Charles will come into this game with an extra week of rest coming off of Kansas City’s bye week, so he should be healthy and well-rested. Given Charles’ monster game potential, you have to love him for $6,700.

Economy Running Backs

Ronnie Hillman, Denver, $4,800 – It is all about price with Hillman. San Francisco has been tough against opposing running backs this season. But, the Jets had been to, and Hillman managed 100 yards against them last week. I think the biggest take away from Hillman’s game in week six was his 27 touches; Denver is going to feed him the ball. I will gladly take a starting running back likely to get 20 touches for $4,800 even against a tough defense.

Andre Williams, New York Giants, $4,400 – Despite the Giants being blown out by the Eagles, Williams did get 16 carries last week. The Dallas D is considerably improved this season so you should not expect a monster game from Williams; you should also expect much more than you saw last week. Like Hillman, Williams is a volume pick, the matchup is not good but he is going to get plenty of touches and is cheap.

Stud Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas, Denver, $8,000 – 77, Thomas has scored 77 fantasy points the last two games. Right now I am not sure there is a defense that can stop the Manning to Thomas connection; if there is one I do not think it is San Francisco. Not that the 49ers have been bad against opposing wide receivers, they have just been average; average will not stop Thomas right now.

Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh, $7,900 – Of the wide receivers playing this week, only Jordy Nelson is averaging more fantasy points per game than Antonio Brown is. Brown has averaged 24.1 fantasy points per game this season, and is facing the forth worst defense against opposing wide receivers this season. You have to love Brown this week.

Economy Wide Receivers

James Jones, Arizona, $5,100 – I have to say, I was pretty shocked when I saw that Arizona ranks 32nd against opposing wide receivers this season. Sure some of it has to do with the fact that it is very tough to run against the Cardinals, but still, the worst team against wide receivers on the year? Stats are stats, my shock aside. Jones costs $400 less than the $5500 you are allotted per roster spot on Draft Kings, has a great match up, and is averaging 15.8 fantasy points per game in 2014. His worst game was 7.3 fantasy points so the risk with him is pretty low too. Me love me some James Jones this week.

Malcom Floyd, San Diego, $4,800 – Floyd has failed to top ten fantasy points in only one game this season and is averaging 12.4 fantasy points per game. While Kansas City has been slightly better than average against wide receivers, they are far from elite against the position. Given Floyd only costs $4,800 this week, and how productive he has been, I am tempted to call Floyd a steal at that price.

Stud Tight End

Julius Thomas, Denver, $6,900 – A tough matchup is keeping Thomas’ price down this week. While he is the highest priced tight end, he costs less than players like T. Y. Hilton, Matthew Stafford and Marshawn Lynch. That is the good news, the bad news is it is pretty unlikely that he will have a touchdown every week and the 49ers have been tough against tight ends this season. I do not love Thomas this week, but he is by far the best tight end option in this week’s late slate of games.

Economy Tight End

Jason Witten, Dallas, $3,600 – The Giants just allowed the Eagles’ tight ends to catch eight passes for 118 yards and two touchdowns, so you should not read too much into their above average ranking against tight ends on the season. For his part, Witten scored his first touchdown of the season against Seattle in Seattle. In general, the late tight end options are pretty poor, of the cheaper ones, I like Witten the most.


Denver, $3,000 – I am only suggesting one defense this week. I do not see any really cheap options I am confident in. I guess Arizona against Oakland would be an option if you want to spend a little more money, but Oakland did just rack up 396 yards against the Chargers. San Francisco’s offense has been generous to opposing defenses this season and the Denver D is playing a little better each week. For $3,000, I like the Denver D this week.

That is all for this week. Good luck with your teams this week; you can catch me on Twitter @STCDub.