We get an extra game to build our roster with this week! For the first time in a long time, there are more than five late games in week 12’s late slate of games. This player pool seems to be rich in quarterbacks, has good elite and economy running backs, plus some nice low-priced wide receivers. The elite wide receivers have tough match ups, same with the elite-level tight ends who are also dealing with injuries. That is the over-view of the late games, here are the guys I like this week:

Elite QB

Drew Brees, New Orleans, $8,200 — Sure, you can question labeling Brees as an elite quarterback after he managed only 14.5 fantasy-points, at home, against Cincinnati in week 11. It was a bad game no doubt, but Brees is still averaging 21.2 fantasy-points in home games, Baltimore ranks 21st against quarterbacks this season, and Brees only costs $8,200 this week. I think he is a great value at that price.

Economy QB

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco, $6,500 — This pick is all about the matchup. Washington ranks 29th against opposing quarterbacks this season, and have been worse on the road. Opposing quarterbacks are completing 69.6 percent of their passes and throwing for over 302 yards per game when they host the Washington defense. Kaepernick is not a sure thing, but given the matchup and his price, I like him this week.

Stud RB

DeMarco Murray, Dallas, $8,500 — I have to say I am a little shocked that Murray is not the highest priced running back this week overall. He has a great matchup, is having a great season, is coming of of his bye week , and I am sure I am missing a couple of things. Last time Murray faced the Giants, Murray scored 23.2 fantasy-points, which seems like a pretty reasonable expectation for Murray this week.

Justin Forsett, Baltimore, $6,500 — As a team, New Orleans has been struggling lately. A lot of those struggles have been against the run with the Saints having more issue stopping the run as the season has progressed. Forsett might not manage two touchdowns like he did in his last game, but he has a good shot at returning triple value this week given the Saints defensive issues lately.

Economy RB

Rashad Jennings, New York Giants, $5,100 — In terms of fantasy-points, Jennings did not do all that much in week 11. 10.7 fantasy-points is not a horrible result, but not what you expect from a starting running back. What was important about the game was Jennings got 22 touches. This week Jennings gets to face a much weaker defense so if he gets 22 — or more touches — he will be in line for a lot more than 10.7 fantasy-points.

Tre Mason, St. Louis, $4,200 — At this price point, finding a running back who will see guaranteed touches is a coup. Against Denver, Mason and 30 touches — 29 carries and one reception. You should not expect 20+ fantasy-points out of Mason, but there is not reason he cannot get you 12-16 fantasy-points this week. The San Diego rushing D is below average and Mason is now the main running back for St. Louis.

Stud WR

Dez Bryant, Dallas, $8,100 — The Giants have been good against opposing wide receivers this season ranking 6th against the position thus far. That is a good thing for Bryant as it helps depress his price. All Bryant did the last time he faced the Giants was catch nine passes for 151 yards. Bryant could easily give you quadruple value this week.

DeSean Jackson, Washington, $6,500 — San Francisco has been slightly above average against wide receivers this season, but not elite. I would not call Jackson a safe pick or anything, but I think that he can break off a big-play against San Francisco, and have a good fantasy game.

Economy WR

Anquan Boldin, San Francisco, $5,200 — All those passing yards that opposing quarterbacks rack up against the Washington defense have to go somewhere. Boldin has quietly been a good fantasy wide receiver since week six. During that span, he has averaged 16.25 fantasy-points per game, and Washington has been below average against opposing wide receiver this season.

Keenan Allen, San Diego, $4,900 — Allen has slowly gotten better as the season has progressed. While St. Louis did just beat Denver, they allowed Peyton Manning to throw for over 300 yards, and Denver’s wide receivers caught 19 passes. Allen caught eight passes against Oakland last week, and is up against the 28th ranked defense against wide receivers. Allen is a nice risk for $4,900 this week.

Mid-Priced TE

Jason Witten, Dallas, $4,400 — I do not see any stud tight ends I am willing to pay for in the late games this week so I am going with a mid-priced option instead. In 2013, Witten had four touchdowns against the Giants in two games, in 2012 he had 20 receptions in two games. Witten’s fantasy point totals the last three games have been: 18.0, 12.2 and 14.3. To top it off, the Giants ranks 21st against tight ends this season. Perhaps you have figured out that I like Witten this week?

Economy TE

Owen Daniels, Baltimore, $3,100 — If you can figure Daniels out this season let me know, I sure cannot. He has had good games against good tight end defenses, bad games against bad tight end defenses and the opposite on both. Daniels is a risky play, but if Gresham can manage two touchdowns against New Orleans, I have to think that Daniel can also manage a good game against the New Orleans defense too.

Modest Priced D/ST

Arizona, $3,300 — The matchup is not all that good for Arizona. What is good, is how they have been playing lately. In their last three games, the Cardinals have scored 11.0, 25.0 and 13.0 fantasy points. Plus, Russell Wilson has been struggling lately.

Economy D/ST

San Diego, $2,900 — San Diego’s defense is not one you want to start against a good offense, good thing they are facing St. Louis. Despite beating Denver last week, the Rams offense has allowed opposing D/ST to score the second most fantasy points this season. I think that the Chargers can match the 11 fantasy-points they put up against Oakland in week 11.

That is all for this week, good luck with your teams. You can catch me on Twitter @STCDub.