Six games? Really we get six games in the last slate this week? We might get spoiled given all of the options. For whatever reason, there are more late games than usual this week. For us, that means more options and more varied lineups in your contests. Here are the players I like this week in the late games:

Stud QB

Matt Ryan, Atlanta, $8,600 – Among the many reasons to like Ryan this week, two stand out the most: he is at home and he is facing the Chicago defense. It is no secret that Ryan has been considerably better at home than on the road in his career. The fact that the Bears defense is not very good again this season is also pretty well known. Ryan is expensive this week, but he has averaged 29 fantasy points per game at home this season so I actually consider him a bargain at $8,600.

Economy QB

Tony Romo, Dallas, $6,100 – This is my weekly “not for the faint of heart” pick. You have to be brave to go with Romo this week in Seattle no doubt. Romo is playing in the toughest venue in the NFL and is not noted for coming up big in big games. Still, Seattle has not been great against opposing quarterbacks this season, and Romo is only $6,100. Romo is priced to account for the risk and I could see him managing a 20 fantasy point game this week.

Stud RB

Matt Forte, Chicago, $8,800 – Yes that is a lot of money for a running back. Yes, Forte is worth it. Forte is averaging 7.2 receptions per game this season. So he could easily earn his value this week just on his receptions. But wait, there is more. Atlanta has been the worst team against opposing running back this season too. There is a reason Forte is expensive, the same reason you should invest in him this week.

LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia, $6,000 – No, McCoy is not priced like a stud this week, but I am putting him in the stud section. The reason is the Giants have major issues against opposing running backs this season, ranking 26th against the position thus far. So, McCoy is cheap and facing a bad defense? Sign me up!

Economy RB

Branden Oliver, San Diego, $5,500 – Just because Oliver was a very popular pick up in yearly fantasy leagues does not mean he will cost a lot in daily leagues. $5,500 is a nice price for a guy who is going to see the majority of his team’s carries against a bad defense. Oliver might not be a secret this week, but that does not mean he is not a good play given his price.

Andre Ellington, Arizona, $5,100 – Unlike last week, Ellington does not have a good match up. Yet, I still like him this week. Ellington showed the explosiveness against Denver that made his an early round draft pick entering the season. Ellington can break any play for a big game, even against a very tough opponent. Plus, he is a starting running back who you can get for $400 than the average price you are allotted per roster spot on Draft Kings.

Stud WR

Julius Jones, Atlanta, $8,400 – No matter how you stack it, Jones is a fantasy stud when healthy. Already this season, Jones has four games in which he has topped 20 fantasy points, and one of which exceeding 40 fantasy points. His worst game this season has been 14.2 fantasy points. This week he draws a Chicago defense that struggles against opposing wide receivers. Expect another 20+ fantasy point game out of Jones this week.

Alshon Jeffery, Chicago, $6,500 – Jeffery has topped 20 fantasy points in two of his last three games and had over 15 in the other one. He looks healthy now and is facing the Atlanta D this week. While Atlanta has not been bad against wide receivers, the have been far from great. Jeffery is still a stud who happens to be priced as a slightly above average wide receiver this week.

Economy WR

Michael Floyd, Arizona, $5,400 – Floyd did almost nothing against Denver in week five. While that is a bad thing if you owned him last week, it also means he is a bargain this week. Floyd has not had two consecutive sub-par games this season and Washington’s secondary is pretty bad. What Floyd provides this week is the potential for a monster game for $100 less than the average priced player.

Reuben Randle, New York Giants, $4,600 – Randle’s magic number is ten. Each of the last three games, Randle has been targeted by Eli Manning ten times. Seven of those 30 targets have also been in the red zone. Philadelphia has struggled against wide receivers this season, so Randle’s targets should make for a big game for a small price in week six.

Moderately Priced TE

Antonio Gates, San Diego, $6,100 –Gates has had two monster games, one good game and two bad fantasy games this season. Gates would seem to be set for one of the monster games facing a bad Oakland defense. We thought that week four when he faced a bad Jacksonville D, a game in which he managed only six fantasy points. In the realm of interesting, but probably meaningless stats, Gates is averaging only eight fantasy points on the road this season. Honestly, I am not using Gates this week at this price, but out of the guys priced above average in the late slate of games, Gates is who I would use if I was looking for a big game.

Economy TE

Jason Witten, Dallas, $3,600 – Yes, it happened again, I have fallen into the “it is Jason Witten and he is only $3,600” trap. Before you criticize me too much, realize Witten is averaging 8.1 fantasy points per game this season and Seattle has struggled against tight ends in 2014. What can I say, I see a lot of low risk/medium reward tight ends this week: Witten is the most proven one of them.

Stud D/ST

Arizona, $3,200 – Washington is a generous team to opposing defenses this season. Despite struggling against the Denver offense, Arizona does have a good defense. That pretty much sums it up, good defense against a turn-over prone offense making the Cardinals D a good play this week.

Economy D/ST

St. Louis, $2,700 – The San Francisco offense has not been very good this season and the Rams D/ST has scored 22 fantasy points the last three weeks. When I go cheap at defense, I just want to make sure that my defense does not cost me points and has the potential for double or triple value. The Rams D meets all those criteria this week.

That is all for this week. Good luck with your team this week; you can catch me on Twitter @STCDub.