At practice like… #napoleondynamite

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We’ve made it through 2 weeks of the NFL Preseason which means we’re one dress rehearsal and one a VERY long week away from official pigskin bliss. The best way to pass the time till then? There’s a few different strategies to play around with..(Playing Madden 16 24/7) You could dance the night way like Von…


Or maybe buy some fresh kicks for the season like DeSean…



🔥🔥🔥🔥 @solesbysir #0ne0fone

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There’s just no possible way those cleats pass the NFL dress code. Not sure I’ve ever seen a pattern like that before either…


Yo DeSean..




Just wondering dawg! And if dancing or new shoes don’t tickle your fancy then maybe a magazine cover will do the trick. Not only is Dez Bryant a very rich man with a very athletic son, he’s also gracing the cover of Rolling Stone this month.

Dez is a Playmaker even when he isn’t on the field. How bout dat Cowboy!



Been a while since I’ve been in this uniform #88 in New York City #throwupthex

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Other than the CTE, horrible pain, pressure to win, insane fans, and snakeoil owners; playing in the NFL looks like the funnest time ever! START PLAYING IMMEDIATELY YOU GUYS.