All season I have been talking about how you should be building your teams, what you should be looking at, what you should be studying, how to be a better manager in general. This week I thought I would show you how I go about building a team. I am going to walk you through my thought process in how I build a GPP team this week. Then, next week, we will go back and look at the team and do a “post mortem” on it; look at what I did “right” and “wrong”. My thinking is it might be easier to understand what I have been writing about, it you can see how I go about the process.

The team will be for a GPP league using only the late games for week nine. I am going with a shallower player pool to make building the team a little more challenging. Using the principles I have expounded upon the last few weeks, I should build my GPP team first around my WR since they provide the highest potential profit. I will try to save money at QB, I will likely go cheap at TE because I feel I am able to find productive cheaper tight ends since I write about – and do extra research on — tight ends each week. To show you my team-building process, I am going to list the players in the order I add them to my team and my reasoning behind buying them:

Mychal Rivera, Oakland, $3,200 – I like adding my cheapest players first. As I mentioned, I do a lot of research on tight ends so am comfortable with Rivera who is cheap and has a favorable matchup.
San Francisco, $3,200 – They had 14 fantasy points against the Rams – on the road – in week six. While I would like to spend less for a D/ST, I just do not see any lower priced options I like.
Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco, $7,000 – I am still trying to save money for other positions. Kaepernick has a nice matchup, had a very good game against St. Louis in week six and is coming off of his bye week.
Ronnie Hillman, Denver, $5,600 – Hillman is still priced pretty low considering he has averaged 21.2 fantasy points per game the last three weeks; New England also has had issues against running backs this season.
Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants, $5,800 – Nice price, good matchup, I have a weak spot for guys facing their old teams.
Julian Edelman, New England, $4,100 – To win a GPP you have to take some risks and go with contrarian picks. Edelman is struggling, his matchup is not great, and other New England receivers are producing a lot more. That said, I like Edelman. He was Tom Brady’s main target when the Patriots’ offensive line was struggling, I think that the Denver pass rush will cause Brady once again to be forced to go to his shallow route running receivers – Edelman and Vereen.
Steve Smith Sr. , Baltimore, $5,600 – I actually ended up replacing Smith since I had extra money to spend. I am showing him here to show that part of my team-building process is making changing while buying the team.
Shane Vereen, New England, $4,600 – Another “gut” call really. I have more reason for this one. Draft Kings does use a PPR format, and historically Denver has had problems with running backs who catch passes. I also think that Denver will concentrate on shutting Rob Gronkowski and allow Vereen all the short receptions he can handle.
T. Y. Hilton, Indianapolis, $8,100 – I was saving money at the other positions to add the elite wide receivers. Antonio Brown is the obvious choice but I cannot afford to spend $9,100 on a single player; Demaryius Thomas was a consideration, but he has a tough match up and costs $9,000 himself.
Emmanuel Sanders, Denver, $8,000 – My last player, and honestly I am not in love with this pick. But I had a lot of money left over and Sanders was the player I could add – in place of Steve Smith – who I thought had the most upside.

So that is the team I started out with this week. I am going to ignore it for a couple of days and see what happens. Right now I am leaving $400 on the table but just do not see any way to spend the money that will actually improve the team.

After two days without thinking about the team I did not see any changes I needed to make or any puzzling decisions. I considered replacing Bradshaw with Marshawn Lynch but I do not think Lynch will have a better game despite the higher price. Next week we see how the team did and dissect and evaluate the roster decisions.

Thanks for reading; you can catch me on Twitter @STCDub.