Well this escalated quickly.  Early Thursday morning reports and rumors surfaced that DeMarco Murray was flying to Philly with the “intent” to sign a deal with the Eagles swirling around the twitter-bowl.

Then the twitter-rage took off.

DeMarco Murray...you nearly broke the Internet today. I hope you're proud of your self.
DeMarco Murray…you nearly broke the Internet today. I hope you’re proud of your self.

@Reddit_NFL gave us a nice selection.

Anger clouds one’s judgment. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side. The dark side leads to rooting for the Redskins.

Getting angry over where a football player chooses to play after his team turns their back on him is comical. But this is football…in Texas…concerning the Dallas Cowboys.

For those unacquainted – in Texas, football is a religion and “them Cowboys” are the army of the “Lawd Almighty.” It is a time honored debate on whether Jerry Jones is John the Baptist or some knock-off version of a Pope. My vote is for the latter instead of the former. I could see Jerry riding around in a pope-mobile, spinners on the wheels, and “Il’Papa” on the license plate.

But back to the reporting of the twitter-news or twit-news; The Dallas Morning News tweet-ported:

Sources: Dallas Cowboys believe RB DeMarco Murray is gone and shift focus to draft for replacement | @dallasnewshttp://t.co/CvzHrALhwT — Brandon George (@DMN_George) March 12, 2015

And then Cowboys Nation had enough of people tweeting Adrian Peterson hypothetical scenarios.

Today’s spelling lesson: It’s spelled “traitor”, not “trader”. — Cowboys Nation (@CowboysNation) March 13, 2015

And also:

And my favorite:

Then came the boom as Adam Schefter dropped the details like a phat beat “all about the bass” on the Murray/Eagles deal.

The best part will be the two times the Cowboys and Eagles face off next season. My bet is on a war of attrition, but how DeMarco Murray runs is going to write the story and I love to see Jerry Jones lose. The problem is, DeMarco is going to have to run behind the Eagles Offensive Line. Which is simply…offensive…

Personally, I’ve having problems not constantly watching ESPN’s NFL Nation Live Blog on the 2015 NFL Free Agency.

UPDATE: DeMarco Murray signed with the Eagles. And then Ryan Matthews did too. I don’t know if Chip Kelly is aware that he isn’t recruiting like at Oregon; he’s got a salary cap to keep in mind.

Till next time, I’m only flying to Philly so I don’t get fined and follow me @Deepdfspicks.