Chicago Bears

Kevin White WR (1st round)—West Virginia USATSI_8299199_168381090_lowres
First off before I get too much further I have to say, White is an amazing prospect and could easily end up being the best WR from this draft.  He’s big enough at 6’3 to be a red zone target and will be able to box out most corners on deep balls and end-zone fades.  He’s also much much faster than people realized and ran well under 4.4 at the combine.  There’s no doubt that White has all the tools to be one of the top 5 WR’s in the league and I think the comparisons to a young Andre Johnson that were being bandied about at the draft were actually pretty accurate.  The one negative against him?  He now plays for the Bears.  The Bears are now being run by John Fox and still have Jay Cutler at QB.  Last year Fox decided to bench his rookie WR in Denver and last year Cutler’s level of play fell off cliff.  I love White as a prospect but really fear he got a bad landing spot for fantasy purposes.  Add in the fact Alshon Jeffrey is still in Chicago and I don’t know if White will get the targets he deserves next season.  The Chicago offense will have to be monitored in preseason to see if they are properly utilizing their new weapon.

Jeremy Langford RB (4th round)—Michigan St. 
The Bears also grabbed a running back in this draft.  Langford is a speedy, smaller RB who projects as a decent third-down back in the NFL.  He has good straight away speed but isn’t quick (scored poorly in agility) and isn’t really big enough to take a full workload in the NFL.  He’s someone who could pop up for fantasy with a big game IF Matt Forte was injured.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
Kevin White is going to be an impact receiver in this league but I just don’t know how trust worthy he will be for fantasy purposes.  The Bears will likely throw less this year and WR’s are always dependant on their quarterbacks for scoring.  If the Bears concentrate on getting White the ball in a variety of different ways—and don’t just use him as a deep ball threat—he will be fantasy gold as a long TD could be broken on any play.  I might back off using White on DraftKings until I see the Bears commit to getting him the ball at least 8-10 times a game, given John Fox’s coaching history that might not be until the second half of the season.


Detroit Lions

Ameer Abdullah RB (2nd round)—Nebraska USATSI_8300939_168381090_lowres
Abdullah’s a strong runner who looked really good at times in his college career.  He’s not overly big and did have some issues with fumbles in college.  But he is a good receiver and actually had very good strength measurable including a nice 24-rep benchpress mark at the combine.  The big issue for me with Abdullah is simple, he only ran a 4.6—40m.  Abdullah is a small back who is supposed to make up for his lack of size with his speed.  There’s no doubt he looked faster than 4.6 in college but many college players have seemed faster than advertised when playing against weaker competition.  I think Abdullah will be useful in the pass game and probably in spread running formations, but I don’t see a star or long term answer at RB for the Lions.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
I think Abdullah is going to be given every chance to be the main RB this year, even with Joique Bell still around.  I just don’t think he’s good enough to kick Bell completely to the curb.  I’d look for Detroit to implement another two or three-headed RB attack with inconsistent production from all their backs, barring one getting injured.  Abdullah is a good pass catcher and for ppr purposes will be huge some weeks.  He might be worth targeting in high scoring games where you know Detroit will have to pass to keep up.


Green Bay Packers

Ty Montgomery WR (3rd round)—Stanford USATSI_8207196_168381090_lowres
If Ty Montgomery went anywhere else I probably wouldn’t think too much about him, but because he went to the Green Bay Packers, and will get to play with Aaron Rodgers, he’s someone to keep an eye on.  Montgomery was a big part of the return game in college and he’s likely someone who will have an impact on special teams in the NFL too.  Montgomery is built almost like a RB/WR hybrid and he’s someone who could can play from a variety of positions as a pass catcher.  He’s not super-fast but he is agile for his size and is obviously a good open field runner.  When you think about the downfield possibilities that already exist in Green Bay there’s some potential for Montgomery to be used in the shorter screen game.  Keep an eye out to see if he makes an impact in preseason.

Brett Hundley QB (5th round)—UCLA
Let me start by saying that I think the Packers made an excellent pick here.  Hundley might actually end up being the best quarterback taken in this draft when all is said and done.  He’s a bigger than average QB who also ran 4.6 at the combine, making him much quicker than the first overall pick.  There were concerns about Hundley being too “raw” by analysts but he actually completed 67% of his passes in college and had a similar TD/INT ratio as Winston.  Hundley won’t play this year unless Rodgers gets hurt, but he’s someone whose career might be interesting to track.  If he gets his chance he could be fantasy useful one day.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
I’m not sure if either of these players will have much impact in 2015 but we can speculate.  If Rodgers were to get injured I would be all over using Hundley on DraftKings if he were priced near the min.  He’s a great runner and could put up Russell Wilson like numbers in the Green Bay offense.  Montgomery will be used on special teams, the question is whether he’ll be worked into the offense.  I suspect his role will grow as the season progresses so keep an eye on him, especially if one of the Green Bay WR’s go down.


Minnesota Vikings

MyCole Pruitt TE (5th round)—Southern Illinois USATSI_7408969_168381090_lowres
Pruitt is an interesting under-sized TE who runs extremely fast for his size and the position he plays.  While Pruitt is only 6’2 he did run a sub 4.6 at the combine.  He also set some serious receiving marks at his school and had some monster games in college.  Pruitt could be a reliable receiver in the NFL but will be more of a screen game, slot type TE than a pure red zone target.  It will be interesting to see if the Vikings attempt to deploy him in their offense immediately as Minnesota doesn’t have a reliable slot receiver at the moment.

Stefon Diggs WR (5th round)—Maryland
Diggs was actually a massive 5 star recruit coming out of high school but injuries and just general poor production wrecked his draft value.  Still, Diggs has talent and could be another receiver to keep an eye on in preseason.  Diggs ran a 4.4 at the combine and has serious playmaking ability, it’s just a question of whether he can flash that potential on a consistent basis in the pros.  He’s not overly big so he could catch on as the slot option in Minnesota right away.

DraftKings: Daily Fantasy Impact
I’m actually quite interested to see how both of these players work out for Minnesota next year.  I wouldn’t shocked if one ended up being a semi-vital part of the offense next year.  At the moment Minnesota is crowded with one-dimensional WR’s so either Diggs or Pruitt could end up as a reliable PPR option, with Diggs also having some game breaking potential.  Keep an eye on both as they could be early cheap receiving options on DraftKings next season.