This morning, the NFL and Nike released images of all of the “color rush” jerseys that teams playing on Thursday Night Football will be wearing this upcoming season.

The NFL debuted the “color rush” concept last season, as a select few teams wore the jerseys during their Thursday night contests. The uniforms received mixed reviews, but are making a big comeback for the 2016 season, where every team that plays in a Thursday night game will get their own color rush uniforms.

So, which were the best? Here’s a look at them all, division by division.

Those are all… pretty sweet! But which are the best of the best? We’ve ranked our top 5:

5. San Diego Chargers

Tough to put these in the five spot. These could easily replace their current uniforms.

4. Seattle Seahawks

Yes. Just yes. So awesome. Also so green.

3. Denver Broncos

The Broncos took “orange crush” to a whole new level with these bad boys.

2. New England Patriots

All. Blue. Everything. Red and white stripes really give a pop on the uniform – these would be an awesome alternate.

1. New York Giants

Gotta love the blue numbers on the all-white uniforms. Definitely almost a throwback to the old blue on white uniforms the G-Men wore during the Lawrence Taylor days.

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