No matter how you did in Week 15, that all gets erased as of today. We start to prepare for Week 16, and I have you covered from top to bottom. Let’s get right to all the information and get you ready to build those lineups. As always, you can get me on the ol’ Twitter machine @SBuchanan24.

The Vegas Lines

Highest Scoring Games

Below are the three highest scoring projected games and individual teams based on Vegas Lines.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints

Over/Under: 51.5 points
Line: New Orleans -3.5

2) Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

Over/Under: 49.5 points
Line: Arizona -4.5

3) Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Over/Under: 48 Points
Line: Redskins -3

DvP Matchups

Worst DvP Matchups – QB

1) Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals – AJ McCarron has played fairly well since replacing the injured Andy Dalton, however, that could quickly change with a tough matchup with the Broncos looming. On the season, Denver has held opposing quarterbacks to 16 passing touchdowns on the season while grabbing 13 interceptions. On 503 targets, opposing quarterbacks have connected on 59% of those.

2) Cincinnati Bengals vs. Denver Broncos – On the flip side, the Bengals D has certainly not been one to sneeze at either. They’ve allowed 16 passing touchdowns while grabbing 19 interceptions, which is the third most in the league. They’re allowing a 64% completion rate on 551 targets.

3) Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams – All three of these teams are facing some tough defenses here in week 16. The Seahawks continue to torture opposing quarterbacks, have they’ve only allowed 12 passing touchdowns on the season, which is the lowest in the league, while grabbing 11 interceptions. Seattle is allowing a 62% completion rate on 482 targets.

Best DvP Matchups – QB

1) New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars are suddenly becoming this offensive juggernaut, as they’ve scored 110 points in their last three games (even though last week they managed only 17.) This week, they get a prime matchup against a Saints defense that can’t defend almost anything. The Saints have allowed a whopping 39 passing touchdowns this season, which leads the league by eight. They’re allowing a 67% completion rate on 473 targets to go with 4053 yards, which is the third most in the league. Oh, did I mention they’ve only grabbed FOUR interceptions this season?

2) New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings – This Giants defense is just bad, really bad. Against opposing quarterbacks, the Giants have allowed 28 passing touchdowns, but they have been able to nab a respectable 14 interceptions. They’re allowing a 65% completion rate on a league leading 575 targets.

3) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins– The Eagles are facing a red hot Kirk Cousins, who’s coming off back-to-back 300+ passing games with five touchdowns. He’s in a prime spot to continue that trend against an Eagles defense whose allowed 30 passing touchdowns while grabbing 15 interceptions. The Eagles are allowing a 62% completion rate on 543 targets.

Worst DvP Matchups – RB

1) Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams – With the Rams primary option for offense being Todd Gurley and the running game, this could be quite the difficult matchup for them. The Seahawks have allowed four rushing touchdowns on the season are holding opposing running backs to an average of 3.5 YPC. The 929 rushing yards allowed are one of the lowest in the league, aside from the Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens – I’ve seen enough chatter going around that seem to have everyone on board with the Steelers defense against a run. It felt like for a good amount of time, no one was giving them the proper respect that they deserved. Against the run, the Steelers have allowed three rushing touchdowns while holding opposing running backs to an average of 3.8 YPC.

3) New York Jets vs. New England Patriots – The Patriots certainly have some questions marks at the running back position, and this week they face a stellar defense against the run. The Jets have allowed only one rushing touchdown this season while holding opposing running backs to an average of 3.5 YPC. One element to note, the Jets have allowed four passing touchdowns to running backs with a 70% completion rate.

Best DvP Matchups – RB

1) New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – If you want to do anything offensively, the Saints are certainly the team to do it against. As I write this on Tuesday, the Jaguars running back situation is a bit iffy at the moment, as they get set for a great matchup. The Saints have allowed 10 rushing touchdowns to go along with the second most rushing yards at 1698, as they trail only the Cleveland Browns. The 5.1 YPC the Saints have allowed certainly isn’t helping.

2) Miami Dolphins vs. Indianapolis Colts – The Dolphins have really been struggling against the run as of late. On the season, they’ve allowed 10 rushing touchdowns and a league leading eight passing touchdowns to opposing running backs. The 1676 yards allowed are the third most in the league, which breaks down to an average of 4.1 YPC.

3) San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions – The Lions were lucky enough to face back-to-back teams that are extremely vulnerable to the run, they just need to actually develop some sort of running game. The 49ers have allowed a league leading 16 rushing touchdowns on the season to go along with 4.2 YPC on 1621 yards. In an aspect that will be beneficial to the Lions, the 49ers are allowing an 82% completion rate in the passing game to running backs.

Worst DvP Matchups – WR

1) Denver Broncos vs. Cincinnati Bengals – Even with a poor display against the Steelers in Week 15, the Broncos still remain the top team against opposing wide receivers. On the season, the Broncos have allowed five passing touchdowns on a 59% completion rate. The 1654 receiving yards still remains as the lowest in the league.

2) Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers – A tough matchup looms for Carolina…or is it a tough matchup looms for Atlanta? Against opposing wide receivers, the Falcons have been getting it done, allowing seven passing touchdowns on a 58% completion rate. The 1831 receiving yards allowed is second only to the Broncos as the least amount in the league.

3) Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams – You have to believe that the Seahawks are going to be the highest owned defense in week 16, going up against such a poor Rams offense. The Seahawks have allowed only four passing touchdowns on the season, which is a league low. The Seahawks are allowing a 60% completion rate on 260 targets.

Best DvP Matchups – WR

1) Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – If Antonio Brown can drop 49.9 points against the Broncos, I shudder to think what he can do to the Ravens this week. The Ravens have allowed a league leading 25 receiving touchdowns this season while giving up a 61% completion rate on 307 targets. It’s scary to think what Pittsburgh could drop in this one.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens – On the other hand, the Ravens should most likely be playing from behind and are in a prime spot themselves to throw for some yards. The Steelers have allowed 18 receiving touchdowns to opposing wide receivers on a league leading 2780 yards. The 65% completion rate is one of the highest in the league.

3) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins – Granted, Cousins favorite target is his tight end Jordan Reed, but he certainly his some options in his wide receiver set to target as well. The Eagles have allowed 22 receiving touchdowns on the season with a 59% completion rate on 343 targets.

Worst DvP Matchups – TE

1) Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cleveland Browns – Gary Barnidge certainly sees his fair share of targets over in Cleveland, and this week he has a potentially tough matchup against the Chiefs. Kansas City has held opposing tight ends to just three touchdowns with a 53% completion rate on 104 targets.

2) Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins – Of course. The one position the Eagles defend well belongs to Kirk Cousins favorite target. The Eagles have allowed three touchdowns to opposing tight ends with a 67% completion rate on 87 targets.

3) Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers– The Steelers will be racking up some many points from their wide receivers, they won’t even have to look at Heath Miller. Regardless, the Ravens have allowed only two touchdowns to the tight end position and a 62% completion rate on 93 targets.

Best DvP Matchups – TE

1) New Orleans Saints vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Julius Thomas has really emerged as a threat in the Jaguars offense and he’s in a great spot here against the Saints. They’ve allowed the second most touchdowns to tight ends with 10, which is tied with the Tennessee Titans. They 74% completion rate leads the league.

2) Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers – If the Raiders weren’t burned so badly by this position earlier this season, they wouldn’t even sniff the top three. Nonetheless, they face the Chargers, who love to go to Antonio Gates. The Raiders have allowed a league leading 11 touchdown to this position, which is tied with the Detroit Lions. The Raiders are allowing a 62% completion rate on 117 targets.

3) New York Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings don’t really have much to offer at the tight end position, so don’t get to excited here. The Giants have allowed eight touchdowns to the tight end position and a ton of yards, 1055 to be exact, which is the second most in the league. I’m sure the 70% completion rate isn’t exactly helping.

Target Report

Last Week’s Leaders

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.52.35 AM

Last 3 Weeks Leaders

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 5.00.29 AM

Lineup Quick Hits

QB To Build Lineups Around…

Ben Roethlisberger ($6,800) – I mean, it’s going to be extremely hard to not roll with Big Ben in this matchup. Baltimore against the pass is almost laughable. They’ve allowed 28 passing touchdowns this season with a 63% completion rate on 484 targets. When Big Ben is healthy, it changes the whole dynamic of the Steelers offense. Even in a tough matchup against the Broncos last week, Roethlisberger was able to rip off 40/55 passes for 380 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions. This is a Broncos team that has suffocated the quarterback and wide receiver position all season. The three touchdowns to the wide receivers doubled the Broncos season total for touchdowns allowed by that position and then some. Now put in this Baltimore in place of Denver, and I’m all over this matchup.

WR To Pair Him With…

Antonio Brown ($9,300)  Sometimes the “smart” play is to pair a quarterback with maybe their second option at wide receiver. You’d still get all the yards and touchdown from their first option and hopefully rack up some points with their second receiver as a pivot play. With the Steelers, I just can’t help but roster Brown every time. On paper, he had a tough matchup ahead with Chris Harris on the Broncos. It ended up playing out MUCH differently. If anything, it was Harris who had the tough matchup. Brown caught 16/18 targets for 189 yards and two touchdowns. That comes out to be 49.9 DraftKings points. With Brown averaging almost 12 targets per game, he’s a must. It’s going to be an expensive combo with these two, but I think it will be worth every penny.

The Top RB Will Be…

Doug Martin ($6,600) – Does it feel like Martin is second in rushing yards this season? Am I alone in thinking that he doesn’t feel like he’s had that great of a season? Regardless of how I feel, he is indeed second in rushing yards. I’m not exactly thrilled with this pick, as I need to figure out what the running back situation is going to be for Jacksonville and Minnesota first. Alas, this article gets published on Tuesday so I have to utilize the news I have in front of me. Martin does have a decent matchup against a Bears defense that’s struggled against the run. Martin is averaging 18 carries per game, so the volume is certainly there. Barring any news, Martin is my pick for now, but that could very well change to TJ Yeldon.

The Biggest Bust This Week is…

Aaron Rodgers ($7,000) –  Rodgers at $7,000 against the Cardinals. Can’t say this sounds very enticing now does it? Rodgers without Jordy Nelson has been damning to their offense. Rodgers is ranked 16th overall in passing yards and averaging only 241 per game. That’s not exactly the type of yards I’m looking for with someone who’s going to run me for 7K and a tough matchup ahead. I truly believe people keep running him into their lineups because he is in fact, “Aaron Rodgers.” Truly, the faster we can get off that notion, the better off we’ll be.