I am mainly a cash-game player. Cash games refer to any DraftKings contest in which roughly 50 percent of the field gets paid out, such as head-to-head, double up or 50/50. For more on what I look for in cash games, check out this primer or the positional looks for quarterback, running back and wide receiver.

Each week, I’ll review my cash-game lineup in this space. Sometimes I’ll lose, but hopefully I’ll win more often. Either way, I’ll post it and give you my thought process.

LU Review 13


  • By the end of the week, I thought the context of the slate allowed me to jam in both Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson despite their prices. All along it was something I wanted to do. Yes, it’s difficult for them to smash value when they cost $9,000 and $9,800 respectively. But there is an amazing amount of value in a literal 20-point floor in cash games – something I thought both Bell and Johnson had. So with reasonable value available at QB, TE, WR and D I plugged in both stud RBs and got down to business on figuring out the rest.
  • When players are ruled out due to injury, I try to think about how roles will change. For that reason, I was scared about rostering Taylor Gabriel even though both Mohamed Sanu and Julio Jones were out. Gabriel is not a candidate to truly funnel a pass game through, he’s a gadgety player. Still, the targets missing from Julio and Sanu (15.5 per game) were just too much to ignore, especially when Gabriel had already been targeted at least five times in three straight games and cost just $4,300.
  • I highlighted Emmanuel Sanders in Leverage because the spot was too perfect. We had a broken Broncos’ running game against a Titans’ defense that is extremely talent-deficient in the secondary. We also had Trevor Siemian returning and Emmanuel Sanders emerging as a premier target in a 2-man pass game. At just $5,700 with a 9-target floor in a dream matchup, Sanders was a lock.


  • My tight end position came down to Cameron Brate or Delanie Walker. I never really considered Ladarius Green due to the weather and Big Ben’s road struggles. I also wanted a bigger ceiling than Jason Witten provides. So even though Brate had the better matchup and the Bucs’ myriad of wideout injuries raised his target projection, I expected Walker to be Marcus Mariota’s No. 1 target. As explained in Leverage, Walker’s price was lowered due to the matchup against the Broncos, but this is a defense that actually funnels targets to tight ends. So I was happy to snag Walker at a reduced price in this plus spot.
  • I went back and forth on Todd Gurley vs. Lamar Miller in my flex. As discussed in Leverage, I loved the spot for Miller but was worried about his constant nagging injuries. So I chose to play Gurley in cash and play Miller (with no Gurley) in my GPP lineups. Once passing back Benny Cunningham was ruled out, Gurley got a boost in my projections as his target expectation went up. Most importantly, the Rams were at home in one of the best spots against the Falcons. Gurley, aka Trent Richardson 2.0, didn’t feel good to click, but I thought the spot was ideal and I knew he was less game-flow dependent thanks to Cunningham’s absence.
  • I knew I wanted to pay down at quarterback and the decision came down to Colin Kaepernick vs. Kirk Cousins. I definitely thought it was close with Kaep set up so well to bounce back, but in the end for cash I preferred the elevated floor of Cousins. That feeling was enhanced once Jordan Reed (shoulder) was deemed active and we knew the weather would be a non-factor in Philadelphia. The other quarterbacks I liked at higher price tags were Jameis Winston and Andrew Luck, so I made GPP lineups focused around them.
  • The Bucs’ defense has quietly been playing very aggressively lately, getting Gerald McCoy healthier and racking up 12 sacks in their previous four games. We also had Drew Brees in the division on the road against a team very hungry to make the playoffs. With the Bucs D/ST way down at $2,400, they gave me the kind of flexibility I needed to jam Le’Veon, DJ and Manny Sanders. My favorite D/ST on the week was the Vikings, but it’s always difficult to justify spending $3,900 on a defense in cash. It’s just so hard for defenses to really smash unless they score a TD, which is obviously extremely difficult to project.
  • I was fine playing a min-salary WR in the 4pm games. If you played preseason or listened to this week’s Edge, you knew about Robby Anderson and Aldrick Robinson. These guys were preseason dominators pushed into big roles. I also knew Brandon Coleman would be an option if Michael Thomas (foot) sat. I decided to go with Aldrick because I thought he had a real chance to be the No. 1 receiver for Matt Ryan whereas Anderson and Coleman were behind some talented guys. As for the overall strategy of playing a min-priced player, I’m far more willing to do it at WR than any other position as they have the widest range of outcomes every week.


Week 1: 100.38 points, won 7.3 percent of head-to-heads. No recap available.
Week 2: 160.0 points, won 87.0 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 3: 182.26 points, won 94.5 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 4: 131.12 points, won 42.5 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 5: 149.70 points, won 60.9 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 6: 169.48 points, won 75.5 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 7: 183.12 points, won 76.7 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 8: 109.3 points, won 21.7 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 9: 135.04 points, won 47.8 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 10: 147.90 points, won 54.1 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 11: 131.88 points, won 45.6 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 12: 134.10 points, won 86.3 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 13: 133.74 points, won 53.1 percent of head-to-heads. Click here for recap.
Week 14: 178.36 points, won 90.7 percent of head-to-heads.


I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is AdamLevitan) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above.