Could Marshawn Lynch be any more naturally entertaining and hilarious? BTW that is a firm 220 lb NOPE. Amazingly so much gets made out of Marshawn refusing to talk to the media and yet clearly he LOVES talking to people, pretty much constantly. Chatting with old codgers about pass plays from the 2 yard line ain’t that fun anyway, who could blame him?

Maybe if NFL postgame rooms had more Skittles Marshawn would be all about that action boss…





Whether there are Skittles involved or not I can guarantee anytime Marshawn speaks, dances, or simply exists I will tune in to enjoy it. He hasn’t let me down yet and after little exchanges like this you better believe he never will..





And kudos to life for not just giving us football back, but also Marshawn starring on The League on September 9th. LET THE RAINBOW TASTIN’ COMMENCE!!!