For anyone still wondering about the end of Superbowl 49… here’s a glimpse into how another reality may have gone. Russell hands the ball off to Marshawn Lynch (the league leader in rushing TD’s) who makes a cut and dives over the pile…. INTO A TUB OF SKITTTTTLES DOEEEEE!!!

There’s no doubt this is exactly how Marshawn pictures the field every snap he plays. His entire existence is about eating, breathing, and dreaming about Skittles. Crushing defenders and never allowing less than 5 men tackle him is just a side skill he doesn’t even focus on. All about those Ski’s Ski’s baby. NFL needs more cleat game like this..




Even his fashion is BEAST MODE. Hope Solo and the U.S. Women’s National Team know what I’m talking bout!


Who knew Skittles were the entire source of all cool fun on Earth? Pretty neat!


PS: Best Marshawn interview of all time at 1:38..

He’s in Vegas for an event and he says the coolest person/celebrity he’s met are the Oompa Loompas. Never change Beast Mode never change.