Outside of Gronk, Marshawn Lynch may be the most interesting man in the NFL today. Definitely could be the toughest too. And on top of all that he’s also the biggest fun loving kid out there. Just so happens to be a 215 lb kid of pure beast mode strength and endless childlike wonder.

He’s got some experience with video games and I’m hoping there will be a video of Marshawn playing as Marshawn commenting about how cool it is being Marshawn and going nuts everytime he snipes a headshot. Probably will be similar to this



Thank God for this man. It’s hilarious he got so much flack for not giving out media interviews. Uh Beast Mode can talk for dayz and likes it too… you just gotta keep it crazy hyphy cool.



Marshawn and his gold teef will be beasting into stores in early November. I wonder if he’ll be the first immortal player in COD history?

Digital Lynch will be a formidable foe, no doubt. Leaving nothing to chance, he slides his email address to a map designer. “I need some cheat codes, feel me?”


lynch1 lynch3





PS: One of the best E60 segments ever was on Marshawn and how connected he remains with his hometown of Oakland. Awesome perspective and another side to the most interesting man. Badass Beast Mode Baller life doe!