Simulated Madden Football

We’re all in need of some entertainment during these times of the unknown. DraftKings is doing their part by offering Madden simulations with a variety of teams going at it. For this piece, we’ll focus on the Falcons and Saints game that’ll take place at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday evening. It’s important to note that Madden runs a bit different here and we have some things to consider.

First and foremost, speed is such an important factor. These players are always going to get open and can give you an edge with a player that you’d potentially look over when you consider his real life role. We’ll get into that more in the article below. Players also have particular X-Factors, which can best be described as “power ups” that can be activated if a player completes a certain threshold. These will be put into considerations as well and will be highlighted with those particular players.

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Madden Stream: Rams at Seahawks

LIVE at 10 p.m. ET

The settings for this and all other Madden games are as follows:

Difficulty: All-Madden
Game Style: Arcade
Event Type: Exhibition
Even Teams: Off
Quarter Length: 8 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Play Clock: 20 seconds

For all info on settings and upcoming games, click HERE

Note: All salaries will be Flex prices unless noted as Captain’s Pick prices


Atlanta Falcons

We have two very strong quarterbacks in this game, starting off with Matt Ryan ($9,800). He’s seen a massive drop in salary since the last time we saw him against the Patriots, going from $11,000 in that contest to $9,800 this evening. It’s not as if his production has been bad either, as he’s averaging 20 DKFP and 244 passing yards over his last three games with eight touchdowns and one interception thrown. We have a lot of players in this game with high overall ratings so Ryan with his overall of 87 doesn’t necessarily stand out. However, his cast of weapons does, so using him is something you strongly want to consider, especially when Drew Brees ($10,800) should bee the more popular option of the two.

Julio Jones ($10,200) didn’t let a strong Patriots secondary stop him in the Falcons’ last game, as he posted 20.1 DKFP with five receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown. The Falcons’ WR1 is starting to show some signs of life again, as his sim average sits at a rather average 13.4. He has scored seven times and is the second-highest rated player in this game with a 97 overall. Even with an unimpressive DKFP average, he still has the highest average on the team. The WR2 in Calvin Ridley ($6,600) isn’t far behind him but does offer significant savings in salary. Saving you $3,600, Ridley posted 16.4 DKFP against the Pats and is averaging 11.5 of his own. He’ll grab you just over three receptions per game and a solid 53.3 receiving yards. The big appeal here is his speed at 93, which is the best in this game. Despite being the TE1, Austin Hooper ($7,200) really hasn’t made much noise as of late, averaging just 10.6 DKFP over his last three games. He only had three touchdowns to his name but does catch around four balls per game. This could end up being a sneaky game for him with the Saints’ coverage flimsy at best against opposing tight ends. He’s another player who saw a big drop in his salary, saving yourself $800 since his last game. If you really want go do the board, Russell Gage ($3,200) is extremely cheap but his production hasn’t been consistent. Nonetheless, he’s averaging two receptions per game and has the same number of touchdowns as the TE1 in Hooper.

Aside from Ryan, Devonta Freeman ($7,800) has been smashing these sims with the second-highest DKFP average on the Falcons at 16. He’s consistently been catching out of the backfield with 3.3 per game to go with 56.5 rushing and nine touchdowns. He decimated the Patriots for 42.8 DKP, scoring three times while running over them with 181 rushing yards. While that type of game is rare for him, his ceiling remains high, especially in this PPR format. He’s on my short list of running backs I’m always looking to take.

Curious about when major leagues and events will return? Check out our DraftKings Sports Calendar for the latest updates.

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees ($10,800) has been a bit quiet as of late despite being one of the better fantasy producers in these simulations. He’s averaging just 14 DKFP and 219 passing yards over his last three games with four touchdowns thrown. It has brought down his salary a bit, as he was $11,200 his last time out and I think this is a good chance to get him on the discount. Even with a few poor performances, he’s still averaging 235 passing yards with a 29:4 TD:INT ratio. Against a poor Falcons secondary, I don’t see much in his way to prevent him from having one of his better games in recent memory. Among offensive players, Brees has the third-highest rating at 94 with a 98 awareness.

The highest-rated player in this game is also the most expensive in the WR1 of Michael Thomas ($11,200). There isn’t much negative you can say about someone who is averaging five receptions, 71.7 receiving yards and has scored 12 times through 14 games. He’s hit the 100+ receiving yards bonus in three of their last 10 games and has six or more receptions in six. It’s truly hard to fade someone of his caliber. The WR2 in Tedd Ginn Jr ($5,400) has done well himself, averaging 11 DKFP with seven touchdowns and 45.3 yards per game. His speed of 92 is one of the best in the game and is only below Calvin Ridley in that realm. While you don’t have the dynamic of Thomas, he certainly is a great mid-tier option. Tre’quan Smith ($3,400) has been posting some strong numbers of his own, averaging 10.1 DKFP. He’s more of a boom-or-bust option who doesn’t get much red zone work in but is averaging a healthy 48.1 yards per game. He would be a great way to save some salary. Finally, Jared Cook ($8,400) is coming off a very quiet game against the Cowboys with only 3.6 DKFP but has been good overall. Averaging just under five receptions per game does allow you to get that Thomas like volume but at a cheaper salary.

It’s really tough to choose between Freeman and Alvin Kamara ($9,200). Freeman has been more consistent and has a better speed rating but Kamara has the overall rating at 89. I’m not crazy about using two running backs in what should be a pass-heavy game so I really think you have to pick one, if any. Kamara is averaging 61 yards on the ground and 13.4 through thee air, averaging just over two receptions per game.


It’s honestly hard to get away from using with Matt Ryan ($14,700) or Drew Brees ($16,200) as the captain win this game for how well they spread the ball around and the weapons around them. While that may not be totally possible, I think going with a couple of the cheaper captains would also suffice as well, as Ted Ginn Jr. ($5,400) or even someone like Will Lutz ($6,000) are strong captain considerations.

Final Score: Falcons 24, Saints 30






I am a promoter at DraftKings and am also an avid fan and user (my username is Steveazors) and may sometimes play on my personal account in the games that I offer advice on. Although I have expressed my personal view on the games and strategies above, they do not necessarily reflect the view(s) of DraftKings and I may also deploy different players and strategies than what I recommend above. I am not an employee of DraftKings and do not have access to any non-public information.