Yesterday the Louisville Cardinals released their brand spankin new Adidas uniforms..aka “The Uncaged Cardinal”

The name may be cliche as heck but there’s NO denying these are hot Hot HOT! Throw an egg on these bad boys and watch the omelette sizzle yo


Have you ever been more terrified by a little red birdie?








(Adidas) – “Drawing inspiration from the Louisville mascot, the new uniform brings the Cardinal to life like never before – from head to toe – with an all-new, photo-real, high-def Uncaged Cardinal. Designed to represent the football team’s style of play, the Uncaged Cardinal is fierce, attacking and always on the offensive.”


They say “You Gotta Look Good To Play Good”… if that’s true the Cardinals could be in for a super special season. At the very least these fire threads should keep Bobby Petrino around for another week or two. Fly Uncaged Cardinals Fly!!!