On March 15th the Redskins owe Robert Griffin III $16.2 million for the upcoming 2016 season. Of course, all that money goes nowhere if Washington cuts ties with RGIII before it’s due. After rolling with Kirk Cousins in 2015 and being rewarded with a playoff birth, Washington’s decision is obvious.

Griffin knows he’s going to be on the open market. So the question is simple — Where does the former stud wind up?

As always, it could come down to which team is willing to pay the most. If Griffin never returns to full form, this could be his last contract in the NFL. The Redskins never even trusted him to be Cousins’ backup this season, which isn’t a good sign.

On the other hand, after so many destructive lower body injuries to such a mobile and athletic quarterback, maybe a full season on the sidelines (in which he wasn’t going through any rehab) was exactly what his body needed.

Signing Griffin involves significant risk. There’s no two ways about it. But you need a QB to win in the NFL, and there are some teams out there who are desperate.

Four specific teams should be desperate enough to roll the dice on RGIII.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly is a mess right now, but it’s clear neither Sam Bradford nor Mark Sanchez is the answer. The Eagles are likely more than just a QB away from winning, but having one in place would certainly help build things back up. Next season would be as good a season as ever to find out what Griffin is, and then make a decision on if he’s worth moving forward with.

In addition, Philly’s expected to hire Chiefs’ OC Doug Pederson (Andy Reid’s right hand man) as their head coach once Kansas City’s playoff run comes to an end. That’s essentially admitting they wish they had Reid back — a coach that rebuilt Michael Vick’s career during his time in Philadelphia. Maybe Pederson does the same for Griffin. Personally, this option allows Griffin the chance to beat out his former team for the division, which would have to feel good.

Cleveland Browns

Johnny Football is more finished in Cleveland than RGIII is in D.C. You know Jerry Jones is going to come calling too. It’s painfully obvious. So why might the Browns feel confident making the move from one struggling QB to another? Two big reasons stand out. There’s the obvious difference in character between the two — you don’t have to worry about RGIII drinking in Vegas every weekend. And then there’s the fact that Griffin has experienced success at the NFL level — something Manziel is still yet to do.

The Browns have needed a QB for about 30 years now, so saying they need to explore all options is an understatement. Hue Jackson is a very good offensive coach. Could he be the savior of Griffin’s career? Maybe, but if I’m Griffin, Cleveland is my last choice.

Los Angeles Rams

This would just be kind of cool. Nick Foles worked out in Saint Louis just about as well as Bradford did in Philly. Nothing like a lose-lose trade! The Rams are also the team that passed on drafting Griffin No. 2 overall and traded the pick because they already had Bradford. It’s all come full circle, because now the Rams need a QB badly.

The other aspect is that Griffin gets to be the face of an upcoming franchise in LA. That’s probably not too tough to talk yourself into. When it comes to on the field, RGIII would have himself a great defense along with a freak of a RB in Todd Gurley to run those read-options with. The Rams could be scary good if Griffin ever returned to full health.

Houston Texans

This is where Griffin is going to land. It just feels like the right fit. I wrote about the potential of RGIII being traded to Houston before the season began for several reasons — a destination that seems to be picking up steam six months later.

You can read the long version by clicking the link, but here’s the condensed version. Griffin would love to be in Texas. He lived there as a child and had his most successful years at Baylor. Going back would be special to him personally. On the field, it also may be the best fit. Houston has a great defense year after year and stud WR in DeAndre Hopkins.

But above all? You guys watched that playoff game. The Texans need a QB more than the three teams above. They’ll take anything they can get.

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