1. David Johnson was an every-down workhorse

Johnson didn’t meet expectations against the Packers, rushing for just 35 yards with no touchdowns on 15 carries. But he still finished with a respectable 13.8 DK points because of his pass-game role. Johnson, a freakishly athletic former wide receiver, caught six passes for 43 yards. Perhaps most importantly, DJ’s role is intact as he played a season-high 87.9 percent of the snaps in the biggest game of the season. Also, the coaches aren’t blaming him for the sputtering run game. Coach Bruce Arians tossed the offensive line under the bus, saying they’ve been “getting their ass kicked up front.”

“It’s not anything David is doing,” Arians said. “There’s just not a lot of holes there and we have to do a better job.”

2. Weather not expected to be a factor Sunday

If you’ve been on Twitter or watch the news, you’ve likely heard about an epic blizzard sweeping across our country. It’s probably overblown. Regardless, it’s not going to affect Sunday’s games in Denver and Charlotte. The forecast for Patriots at Broncos calls for 45 degree temps, a 50 percent chance of showers and measly 7 mph wind. The forecast for Cardinals at Panthers is even nicer, with unseasonable 62 degree temps, a 40 percent chance of showers and 9 mph wind. The alleged blizzard looks like it’s targeting Washington D.C. up to Boston only.

3. Ronnie Hillman, C.J. Anderson split work evenly again

It’s hard to get a good feel on the running back situation in Denver. They’ve been splitting work evenly for a while now and it continued against the Steelers as Hillman played on 33-of-74 snaps and Anderson was in for 37. CJA was the more productive back, going 15-72-1 on the ground and 2-11-0 through the air. His touchdown came from 1-yard out after Hillman couldn’t punch it in. Meanwhile, Hillman’s final line was 16-38-0 on the ground and zero catches on one target. Everyone is going to lean Anderson’s way this weekend, making Hillman a more interesting tournament play. Their usage projections are almost identical.