1. Allen Hurns fully cleared off concussion

Hurns’ Monday clearance confirms he’ll be active for Sunday’s home game against the Colts. It’s a very interesting spot for him, as the lower-body injuries he’s been fighting for much of the year have had a couple weeks off to get right. Note that Allen Robinson’s price has risen all the way to $8000 as he comes off his monster eruption against the Titans last week, yet Hurns costs $5500.

We also know that No. 2 receivers have torched the Colts for much of the year, including in Week 4 when Hurns hit them for 11-116-1 on 15 targets. Vontae Davis was on A-Rob for 39-of-54 pass routes (via PFF) in that game, helping hold him to a 4-80-0 line on 12 targets. Hurns will come with significant ownership and price discounts in Week 14. His absence last week was a big reason Robinson set season-highs in catches (10), targets (15) and touchdowns (3).

2. Panthers sent Devin Funchess back to bench role

I thought that Philly Brown got Wally Pipped by Devin Funchess while the former rehabbed his shoulder injury. The talent gap here is wide and the Panthers need the big-bodied Funchess in there – that’s why they took him in the second round. So it was a surprise that Brown immediately got his job back, playing on 65-of-83 snaps against the Saints while Funchess only got 24. This is our weekly reminder that no matter what we as a fantasy football community think of a player, all that really matters is what the coaches think. The Packers don’t want to give Jeff Janis a chance over Davante Adams, the Chiefs don’t want to feature Travis Kelce in the red zone and the Panthers prefer Brown to Funchess. Our job isn’t too complain, it’s too adjust.

3. DeMarco Murray finally hits the bench, Eagles win

It’s not hindsight to say the DeMarco Murray signing was dumb. It was stated at the time – giving a running back coming off a 449-touch season $40 million with $21 million is always going to be silly. That’s especially true when the back doesn’t even fit the offensive scheme. And it’s especially insane when the GM is the same man as the coach, and that coach won’t change the scheme to fit the guy he just gave $40 million too!

Anyway, the point here is that Chip Kelly finally owned up to his mistake and benched DeMarco against the Patriots. He played on just 14 snaps, operating behind Darren Sproles and Kenjon Barner – and the Eagles pulled off the upset. Murray has also been outplayed by Ryan Mathews (concussion, questionable) all year. With Chip seeing the light, I’d expect a lot more usage out of Sproles against the Bills Sunday, especially if Mathews can’t get cleared. Sproles costs $3500.

4. Browns turn back to Johnny Football

One week in timeout was enough for Johnny Manziel. After watching Austin Davis get shellacked 37-3 by the Bengals, the Browns will reportedly allow Johnny Football to get back under center for Sunday’s tasty home spot against the 49ers. JFF did play well when we last saw him (Week 10), going 33-of-45 for 372 yards with one touchdown and one interception against the Steelers. But given the way DraftKings has priced quarterbacks, taking the risk with Manziel isn’t really worth it even though he costs the miniumum $5000. Not when we can get Tyrod Taylor ($5400), Alex Smith ($5100), Jameis Winston ($5500), Blake Bortles ($6000) for similar prices.