It was an incredible night as we were able to bring Mike ‘Leav11it’ Leavitt down from New Hampshire to a bar in Boston to sweat the Millionaire Maker tournament. He had a 24 fantasy point lead on the field before Monday Night Football with his closest competition having Dez Bryant, who was 37.6% owned. A big night from Dez could have dropped him out of the $1 Million top prize, so we ran a quick interview with him before the games to see how he was feeling:

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Pregame Interview with Leav11it

Games started and Dez was shutout in the first quarter. The 24-point lead held as the 2nd quarter started, but things started to get ugly. In the 2nd Quarter, Dez hauled in three passes for just over 30 yards and he dragged two Redskins defenders into the end zone. Going into half-time, “1979Steelers” – the closest finalist with Dez Bryant – was just halfway to catching ‘Leav11it’ with 12 of the 24 needed points from Dez.

Then came the third quarter and probably the single biggest sweat moment of the night as the Cowboys were inside the 10-yard line with Brandon Weeden in for an injured Tony Romo. On 2nd down he threw a ball up top to Dez in the end zone and Breshaud Breeland knocked it out of his hands. Then on 3rd down, Weeden stared down Bryant and rifled another end zone target in his direction, but Bryant dropped the pass and the room exploded. After that moment, we had a second to interview Mike ‘Leav11it’ Leavitt and see how he was feeling:

3rd Quarter Interview with Leav11it

The game was winding down and ‘Leav11it’ still had a commanding lead but as the seconds dwindled it looked like the game was headed into bonus time, which was the worst case scenario. But in overtime the Redskins scored first and the Cowboys failed to convert on a fourth down Dez target, keeping Bryant at bay and handing the $1 Million check to the rowdiest family/friends crew we’ve seen in a long time.


After it was all said and done, and the champagne was out, we grabbed Mike for one last interview to discuss how it felt to be the 4th DraftKings Millionaire of the 2014 NFL Season.

Post-game Interview with Leav11it

Congrats to the latest DK Millionaire, ‘Leav11it’ and remember to join next week’s Millionaire Maker contest to create your own $1 Million dream!