Last week Riley Curry continued her world domination with her rendition of the “Whip Whip Nae Nae”. She may be America’s Sweetheart right now but definitely not the best dance effort I’ve seen… Leah Still seemed to agree with me. She extended her own challenge to Riley AND OH IT IS SO ON!!!





Devon I know you gotta get ready for the NFL season and deal with Leah’s cancer treatments but can you please make sure the Whip/NaeNae dance is actually IN the video when you post it? Gotta give Riley something to measure up to man! Maybe JJ Watt can assist with that..




After this friendly competition they should do a boxjump contest too! Might not end well for our leading ladies though. Riley may have her Poppa’s hops but JJ? Dude has




Turn down for Watt indeed.