Welcome back to the daily DraftKings picks where we try to get super rich playing daily fantasy football. As usual I’ll do a brief recap of my lineups from the week before then throw out some picks that I’m brainstorming for this weekend, and hopefully get some good feedback/tips/picks from you guys either in the comment section or on Twitter @kmarkobarstool.

Quick lineup breakdown –

KMarko 1

Won 30 bucks on my optimal lineup. And almost all of my guys had high ownership. I suck so bad at using my insider info.

Like I said in my blog I was super high on the Pats offense so Lewis and Edelman were no brainers. Sanders I felt real good about because during the previous game I heard the announcers talking about how he wasn’t being targeted barely at all…knowing Peyton has a tendency to force feed guys like that the next game out, I used my awesome football brain to deduce it was a good play.

But honestly I still can’t get over Keenan Allen and Owen Daniels. I was SURE those guys would be my best plays of the week. Daniels was a hot pick from all the experts because the Raiders have been historically bad against tight ends this year…0 points. Allen was my own gut play and I loved him for Monday Night…and he barely did anything. Frustrating as hell.


Matt Ryan – bad. Having the passing touchdown taken away by the terrible call at the end certainly didn’t help.

Justin Forsett – very good. 30 points.

Julian Edelman – very good. 25 points.

Martellus Bennett – dud. Throw him the ball Cutty!

2 for 4, batting .500 – that would be like, a record in the MLB, so I’ll take it.

Oh and my “other guys to consider” hit too – Dion Lewis, Todd Gurley, Allen Hurns, Willie Snead. So let’s be generous and bump that up 6-8?


Ditching the under-7K thing, just going to feature my favorite players at each position with price considerations included. More fun this way.


QB Sam Bradford $6K


If I know the Giants like I think I know the Giants, Monday Night is not going to go well for us New Yorkers. An emotional win that they desperately needed last week usually means a follow-up dud. Hoping I’m wrong because f*ck the Eagles, but from a purely heartless fantasy perspective, this might be a good game to target for the Eagles offense. They’re finally clicking on all cylinders and Bradford has found a little bit of a groove putting up 2 good games in a row. I don’t fully trust them yet, and Bradford’s arm strength and accuracy has looked REAL shaky…but this is the exact price point that makes it worth it to take a chance on him.

Or, by all means, save your sheckels and pay up for Brady who I’m projecting to have 400 yards and 9 TD against the Colts.

Cheap option – umm, why does DraftKings hate Andy Dalton?

Running Back

RB Dion Lewis $5.8K


Like I hinted at with Brady, I think you can expect a bloodbath from the Pats this weekend. Anybody who follows the Boston sports coverage on Barstool knows what this game means to them. The guy I decided to feature from that game is Dion Lewis, for a few reasons:

1) Price. He’s still priced well under his production levels. Brady-Edelman-Gronk are all way expensive (but great plays). 2) I think a lot of people are expecting this to be a Blount pound-your-face-in type game, so hopefully he’ll be lower owned than usual. (Of course…it COULD very well be a Blount game. I think he’s a way riskier pick, but definitely worth considering). 3) Even taking the bad blood out of it..the Colts just aren’t very good. Lewis should have a field day out of the backfield.

Guys to consider – Arian Foster if you’re spending, he looks like he’s about to be back to full strength. Chandrick West if you’re going cheap, just because of opportunity and price…but does anyone know if this guy is actually “good”?

Wide Receiver

WR DeAndre Hopkins $7.7K


Ok enough with the cheap guys. Let me sneak in my spend option real quick. DeAndre Hopkins has been a target MONSTER and has been putting up massive stats when he was literally the only offensive weapon the Texans had. Now that Arian Foster is back? The Jags defense has to worry about him too, plus they stink anyway, so common sense should tell you Hopkins will explode all over again. Of course when things look this good in my head, they rarely end up good in real life, so I’m at least mentally preparing myself for a dud here. But he’s 1.2K cheaper than OBJ and I think has just as much upside so he’s good to go for my lineups.

Guys to consider – Calvin Johnson against the Bears could be a prime spot for him to finally explode this season (got to worry about who is throwing him the ball though).
John Brown is coming on strong and gets that crappy Steelers pass defense at a good price.

Tight End

TE Greg Olsen $5.5K


Ok the play here is Gronk obviously. If I featured him as a play though I’d fire myself. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I do like to ATTEMPT to give some unique thoughts around here, so no Gronk, too easy. Instead I’ll roll with Greg Olsen. Why not Antonio Gates? I’m glad you asked. Can’t argue with the price and the debut last week, but then again, neither can anyone who watches football. I think he’ll be massively owned. Meanwhile I think people are still scared by the Seattle defense even though they’ve looked awful this year and just gave up a monster to Tyler Eifert. Hopefully Olsen can fly under the radar and put up a good score for tournaments.

Seriously though if you have the money I’d prob play Gronk.

Good luck on Sunday. Got any sweet sleeper picks I should consider? Tweet them at me.