Football’s here.

While I just picked up this DraftKings hobby and hopped right into the middle of the baseball season, now we get to start football season all together from the beginning. Should be fun. Never done a high stakes DraftKings football tournament before so we’ll see if I can pick it up as quickly as baseball.

Got a few entries in the Millionaire Maker so who knows, maybe I’ll mess around and become a millionaire on my first week? Then quit this job and stop writing blogs for you assholes.

Like I say in all my baseball posts, I am NOT anywhere close to an expert at this, so if you’re just blindly sticking these picks in your lineups then tweeting me I’m an idiot when they suck, that’s your own fault.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the guys I have my eye on for Week 1.



With so much uncertainty about what teams are going to look like on Week 1, the one thing we can be pretty sure about – the Eagles Falcons game at the Georgia Dome is going to be a shootout. The highest total on the board, and you just know Chip Kelly wants to make a BIG statement after his crazy, highly criticized off season. I have a feeling he’ll want to show off his new toy at QB and show everybody he was right about trading for him.

I would never draft Bradford on my season long team because you know it’s inevitable that a body part explodes at some point, but that’s the beauty of daily fantasy. For just this one game I think he has some of the highest upside on the board for only 6.9K. That’s probably the lowest price we’ll see him all season.

Big money option: Aaron Rodgers is your #1 option, for obvious reasons. He’s Aaron Rodgers. Also, the Bears, lol.

Mid range option: Matt Ryan – if Bradford seems too risky for you, Ryan has a little bit more safety in that same game.



The first thing I decided when I knew I was going to be playing a DraftKings tourney was that I was playing Eddie Lacy week 1. Just love the guy, and The Bears defense is shaping up to be so bad that I think Lacy will carve them up. He could be pretty popular, but with Adrian Peterson priced right near him and the “revenge factor” thing going for him, and Murray priced lower in the 6’s, those 2 options will hopefully draw some attention off Lacy.

Mid range option: DeMarco Murray…I love the price here.

Value option: Doug “don’t call me Muscle Hamster” Martin…kind of a wild shot in the dark here but maybe he can snap back into form?



I like to focus more on tournament-plays in these blogs because that’s all I play, but sometimes a guy is so obvious you gotta roll with him – enter, Davante Adams. Because pricing was set before the Jordy Nelson injury, you can get Aaron Rodger’s #2 target into your lineup for basically free. Yes his ownership will be through the roof, but I still think you plug him in and use your extra money to go contrarian with a bigger money guy. He just has too much upside at this price to pass up on.

Big money option: Odell Beckham – crazy expensive, but I think most people who spend this much on a receiver will go to Julio Jones because he seems safer. Meanwhile I think OBJ has the most upside on the board.

Mid range option: Jordan Matthews to pair with Bradford. Don’t forget how good he looked at the end of last season.


Greg Olsen Barstool

For the record I would have paid any price DraftKings asked me to pay for Gronk. But since he’s off the board, tight end boils down to 2 options for me – Olsen and Martellus Bennett. Because I don’t like to trust my money in the hands of Jay Cutler…Olsen it is. With the Kelvin Benjamin injury, Cam Newton has virtually 0 people to throw to. So assuming you think the Panthers will score some points on the Jags, those touchdowns have to come from somewhere, and I think Cam’s safety blanket Olsen will get a bunch of receptions and hopefully 1 or 2 tuds. I need to see a few games out of Jimmy Graham first to see how the Seahawks are using him, so Olsen is my top TE of the week.

Other options: Bennett, Jason Witten.

Hit me up @kmarkobarstool with your favorite picks for Week 1 – we all know it’s going to be somebody completely random out of the blue who puts up the biggest score this week so if you know who it is, please share.