The Denver Broncos have been tearing it up this year on defense and the play of Von Miller is a big reason why. He’s been a sack master for awhile now but I think it’s his sack dances that have really made him ELITE this season. Even Cooper Manning wanted to learn the hip magic and who can blame him?

Everyone out there should learn how to become such a smooth operator…  




Although if the NFL had it’s way no one would learn! They’ve fined Von $11,567 each time he’s whipped out those hips in a game… AND HE DIDN’T EVEN DO 3 PUMPS! Incredulous. At least Key & Peele (basically the entire inspiration for this dance) came through and made everything right.

They matched the fine as a donation to Von’s charity which helps gets glasses to disadvantaged kids. Even though their show on Comedy Central has ended, hopefully K&P have enough cheddar left to cover all the fines this season . That dance is TOO good to be tossed aside.



PS: Wouldn’t be right of me to blog about Key & Peele & Football and not include this… G.O.A.T.