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“You are paid some dollars each and every week to be a leader on an off the field… and because you are a leader, your behavior brought out like behavior in the stands. Some Chiefs fans began Stanky Leggin. The Shmurda dance was happening. Whipping to our left and Nae Nae-ing to our right. The Bud Light vendor even tried to Cha Cha Slide down the stairs. Everyone knows you can’t Cha Cha Slide down stairs.”

Sometimes things are just awesome. Of course I’m referring to Travis Kelce’s smooth moves in the endzone aka HITTIN DA QUAN but even moreso I’m referring to this fan’s letter. It’s almost too good to be real. After that lady in Tennessee wrote an open letter to Cam Newton about his “obscene” “obnoxious” dance moves everyone in America began picking sides. Kind of absurd to deny someone a free harmless boogie but that’s the millennial world we live in now.

More importantly which side are YOU on? Are we humans or are we dancers? I think we’re dancers. And I think that Kansas City dude is an awesome human. Mostly though I think I NEED Kelce to score this weekend… Milly Rock ON EVERY BLOCK YO! Godspeed attempting that in the Oakland though Zeus, Godspeed…