Other than the Houston Texans 1-2 record, everything has come up JJ Watt’s way during the past 12 months. Despite his constant national attention and some questionable times where ya gotta wonder, does he REALLY work out this hard when the cameras aren’t there, JJ does seem like the real deal.

Hard to hate a guy that’s constantly trying to make himself and everyone around him better, including charity work just about 24/7. Well don’t worry, I found an EXTREMELY easy way we can all band together in a giant pool of hate.

It all starts as the end of the world usually does, with a simple harmless Tweet..



And because internet, it made it’s way to Kelly Kapowski’s old yet still heart meltingly beautiful eyes. AND SHE LIKED IT. AND JJ LIKED IT TOO.



This. Is. Awesome. #MindBlown

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Some guys have all the fun although in JJ’s case he actually has none of it. I’ll call off the dogs just this once (mainly because KK is already married with kids SAD FACE) because any friend of Jimmy Fallon and JT is a friend of mine.

And I also need one of those mugs to go with my KK knit sweater. Stick to the cup humor JJ!


@jimmyfallon this showed up at my door yesterday… @justintimberlake

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