Fresh off DONTSCORE-Gate, the NY Giants have been getting completely blown up in the media this week. Tom Coughlin is immediately back on the hot seat for the billionth time and a lot of people are wondering whether Victor Cruz will even be productive this season slash when he’ll actually be back.

Another player the G-Men are not so subtlety missing is All-Pro sackmaster Jason Pierre Paul. His status has been in the dark since he blew his hand apart on July 4th and not even the Giants themselves have any real clue what his health status is. JPP wouldn’t meet with Ownership when they personally flew to Florida although he had no problem lighting up an Instagram training video today.

His priorities might not be in order but heck at least he still knows how to pull that weight real good and fast!





Very briefly you can make out his right hand and honestly I don’t see the problem here. Adjusting to daily life with 3.5 fingers is probably very difficult… but you don’t need fingers to run really fast and tombstone people on Sundays.

Hit up Clay Matthews if you need any advice JPsquared!