The first-round of the NFL draft went pretty close to how we expected it on Thursday night. The quarterbacks went early, and then the rest fell into place with very few trades. However, there were plenty of tweets to keep us entertained — here’s the best from Twitter:

Jameis has the cash to buy himself a lifetime supply of crab legs now.

The commish had some trouble with Marcus Mariota’s name … after we’ve been talking about him nonstop leading up to the draft.  
Todd Gurley went a little bit higher than suspected when the Rams made him the first running back off the board at No. 10. It didn’t take long for Zac Stacy to realize what this meant for him on the STL depth chart.  

Danny Shelton took the man hug to the next level when the Browns made him the No. 12 pick.  

Dez Bryant had to give his take when the Cowboys selected cornerback Byron Jones.  

Then, obviously, went on to call a fan fat.  

It was a fun night, but that’s about all of the draft I’m going to watch. The fact that they stretch this thing into a long weekend is nuts. I’ll sift through the rest of the picks when it’s over.

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