The Jaguars can’t play football very well, but their mascot has a nasty golf game.

So apparently the Jags have a charity event each year at the local TPC Sawgrass course where players, coaches and media attempt to get closest to the pin on the well known par-3 17th hole. The thing is, one of the world class athlete football players didn’t win, some guy in a big furry suit did.


Jaxson De Ville is the mascot’s name, and that winning shot wound up landing 4-feet, 9-inches from the pin.

But let’s drop the mascot act, who the hell is this guy in the suit and how amazing is it that he can do this? I can only imagine being in that suit and trying to play golf. How do you hold the club with big furry hands? How do you see with the giant Jaguar head on? How do you swing with what’s sure to be a hot, heavy, constricting suit on? Nonetheless, this guy won $10,000 for the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund.

Former Jaguars offensive tackle, Tony Boselli, won the event last year. But kicker Josh Scobee wasn’t surprised that “Jaxson” came out on top this time around.

“I’ve seen him do it so many times – he hits is closer and closer every year,” Scobee told “Last year, we heard from Boselli for a year. Now, we get to hear from Curtis for a year.”

Ah, so he does have a real name: Curtis Dvorak. Jordan Spieth might want to watch out for this guy, with or without the suit.

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