Everyone thought this debate was over slash would just go away forever but there may be no end in sight. There needs to be some way once and for all to decide… IS Joe Flacco ELITE at making commercials?

Compared to the other Quarterbacks of his generation, it’s clear he’s not the very best. Peyton Manning is in literally every commercial, Tom Brady has all the international appeal, Drew Brees is first in line to pick up all the scraps. WHO is that 4th man? I’d consider anyone in the top 4-7 slots ELITE… Tony Romo, Eli Manning, Andrew Luck and Cam Newton have all been scorching advertisements lately. But with only one Superbowl winner among them, they can’t possibly be involved.

When you consider the timing, dry humor, and immaculate hair… it’s pretty clear Big Joe is on the verge of true greatness in this new Pepsi commercial. Throwing 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions in the playoffs while winning Superbowl MVP couldn’t do it but some soda n’ chips definitely can! Plus when you see where he started from, you can really sit back and appreciate just how ELITE at commercials Cool Joe is now…




Flacco’s first commercial filmed in 1992 (unpaid)





Pizza Hut spares no expense for quality and does it in one take HUT HUT (paid $50)





Fantasy Files showing off ELITE arm strength and accuracy (contractually obligated to participate)





1st Mariner Bank Commercials (Joe’s hair begins the Elite transformation process here)





Big Mighty Joe and Kapernick battle for Mighty Wings (paid in ranch packets)





Most Elite Commercial Possible (paid $120 million)



Tough to say whether Big Cool Awesome Smooth Joe is ELITE or not… I think he definitely is but it’s really up to interpretation. Unless you have an official scientific meter of course.

In that case, whatever the meter reads is 100% unequivocally true and should never ever be argued by beings of reason or thought.