It was November 15, 2015 and the Panthers were going up against the Titans, following a rushing TD from the Panther’s QB, Cam Newton, the gesture that is now wildly known as the “dab” was made infamous. Newton explained at a press conference why he had dabbed. He credited a 16-year old for instructing him to “dab on them folks” and the rest was history.

The dab will go down in infamy as one of the most contagious gestures the world has ever seen. From sporting events to concerts, to school playgrounds, grocery stores, and more the dab was everywhere.

On June 9th Cam broke the news that he would be retiring the dab for good, but teased that a new move is in the works. With the infamous arm-to-head tap potentially being replaced tonight, it begs the question, what touchdown celebration will Cam Newton roll with next? A few ideas for Cam heading into tonight’s vs. the reigning Super Bowl Champs:

1. A modified Macarena

Definitely a throwback, but easily one of the most electric dance moves of the 90’s, why not bring it back? Maybe just the overlapping arm portion?

2. The Bernie Lean

Might be played out, but Cam was able to bring the dab to the next level, so why not this?

3. Shortened version of the Running Man Challenge

He’s running the ball in the end zone, why not use that momentum? Plus this is a total crowd pleaser, win-win.

4. The “Cousin Terio”

Enough said.

5. The “Hot Line Bling”

That can only mean one thing…

Regardless, don’t forget to be on the lookout for Cam’s new move if he take it in for TD.

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