The final scheduled game of week 1, Vikings vs. 49ers, kicked off late last night and went into the wee hours of the morning on Monday/Tuesday — and in the event you were sleeping: you missed a TRUCK STICK on 49ers star quarterback Colin Kaepernick via hard-hitting Vikings safety Harrison Smith.



Kapernick has a tendency to try and extend runs further than any quarterback should, rightfully so — he’s an amazing athlete — however, last night: he paid for it…


Every Niners fan watching Colin run into that hit like…

To Kaep’s credit, he got right up as if nothing happened. Despite his toughness, I doubt these are the type of hits that the Niners coaches want their franchise QB to be taking in compensation for an extra yard.

There was carnage everywhere last night, as the Niners punt coverage team nearly decapitated Marcus Sherels and WWE’s Jim Ross lost his damn mind:

P.S. This Niners fan makes me feel uncomfortable

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Stay weird, San Francisco….