We’ve already crowned 9 Millionaire Maker champions so far this season at DraftKings, and this week we have one final chance for you to turn $27 into $1 Million. With that in mind, we’ve noticed some intriguing trends throughout the first nine Millionaire Maker tournaments that can help you take on the huge field of contestants and become the next DraftKings Millionaire!

Millionaire Maker Winner Statistics


  • Average entries put in by Millionaire Maker Winner is 47.33, but 6 Millionaire Makers have won with fewer than 10 entries.



  • The average winning score for the 9 Millionaire Makers is 254.32. The highest winning score was JGennaro79 at 303 fantasy points in Week 13 – the lowest winning score was 229.84 from JQuave76 in Week 6.



  • That winning score means you want, on average about 5X return on investment based on player salary. For example, if Keenan Allen is $5,000 then you want about 25 fantasy points from him to meet value to win the Millionaire Maker. If you get 5 points for every $1000 of salary you spend, you’ll end up right around 250 fantasy points!



  • Tom Brady is the only quarterback to appear on multiple winning lineups in the Millionaire Maker this season (both winners hailed from the Boston area). For those curious, Peyton Manning has been in just 1 winning Millionaire Maker lineup, meaning he once again is behind TB12 when it comes to winning.



  • You don’t need to be perfect to win. No Millionaire Maker winner has been within 30 fantasy points of the perfect lineup for a given week. Two Millionaire Maker winners (SamENole and Leav11it) finished at least 50 points behind the score for the DK Perfect Lineup in their given week.



  • The number of Running Backs or Tight Ends used in the “FLEX” position among Millionaire Maker winners. All nine Millionaire Maker winners have used a WR in the “FLEX” spot.



  • The number of unique players who have appeared in winning Millionaire Maker lineups this season. With 9 winners so far, there are 81 total players who have been selected and 64 have been unique (79%)



  • The number of rookies who have been in winning Millionaire Maker lineups this season. Rookie WRs have taken the league by storm but rookie RBs Tre Mason, Brandon Oliver and Jonas Gray have all made appearances in winning lineups.