If you don’t get downright giddy listening to Jon Gruden talk about football, I truly pity you. Sure some of his sayings are cliche coach speak but the difference with Gruden is he believes literally everything he says. And there is NOTHING he loves more than an out-of-nowhere CAT (cornerback) BLITZ.

I remember Gruden describing a cat blitz to Andy Dalton during his QB Camp, something along the lines of

“Do you like cats man? I hate cats man. My wife’s got a cat at home man, eat’s all my damn food! Meoooow… cats man”

And somehow I was hooked after that



Gruden wasn’t the only commentator killing it last night either. Ray Lewis and Trent Dilfer absolutely obliterated Jimmy Graham for being a marshmellow soft receiver who hates blocking big men more than anything in life. Graham is like 270 lbs what gives?

RIP Seattle’s running game I guess…